Working Together Wednesday: Kettlebell Burn

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Happy Wednesday!!! On today’s Working Together Wednesday, we talk to Justin Cox, from Kettlebell Burn. Justin is an amazing man with a true passion for helping women get into shape, and I have had the pleasure of working with Justin and I must say, I so glad I did. His passion truly shines through in what he does.

Ready to learn more about Kettlebell Burn and Justin??? Here we go!!!

1. Give us a quick intro of you and your family.

Hey! Thanks for interviewing me. I really appreciate it. My name is Justin Cox, and I own Kettlebell Burn. I have a beautiful daughter who is 7 years old. And in true princess fashion will be turning 29 this fall. She is my world, and also the reason I train.

Let’s see, my background. Hmm. Well I grew up as an athlete. I was a competitive athlete from the age of 5 until 25 when my daughter was born. So I have always been in the fitness world. When I got to college and discovered that I could make a career out of being in fitness, there was no turning back. I immediately became a personal trainer, and completed got my degree in Exercise Science.

After college I decided to continue to grow my personal training business and soon opened up my own studio. I was an in person personal trainer for over 10 years before I decided to move my business online. That is where I developed a deep understanding of working with women. I know it sounds cliche. Everyone in the fitness world says they work with moms. But it turns out that the market for athletes, my original specialty, in rural northern MN is pretty slim. So I spent 10 years working with, and getting to know on a deep level, how to work with women.

What motivates them. What their true fears are. What they really want to achieve. All of that combined with my unique lifestyle / habit based coaching is what I bring to the online world.

That pretty much brings us up to today.

2. What is your business/blog?
My website is

That is my center of operations and where I do all of my coaching from. I am going to warn you though, if you go to that website, you won’t find a lot. I spend most of my time working with my members rather than writing a ton of blog content. In fact, I don’t think I even have a current blog post active on the menu.

3. What is your best piece of advice?
I love this question. Because it is never what people think it is. My best advice is to start easy.

Everyone always thinks it will be something about kettlebells, or some diet tip. In reality, the biggest problem I see when women get started with a new transformation program is that they fall into the trap of feeling they need to be extreme. But you can’t blame them either. With the popularity of the Beach Body workouts (P90X, Insanity, Hard Corps, etc..) and CrossFit, we as a culture have this thing right now about being extreme when it comes to fitness.

We want to start an extreme workout everyday, we want to completely overhaul our diets, we want to go 100 miles per hour in this direction and then that direction. What ends up happening is that the stress of it all quickly overwhelms us and we end up dropping the program withing a few short weeks. It is far and few between the people who have success stories from doing it that way.

In reality, what moms need to do is lighten up on themselves, accept that it won’t happen in 12 weeks, even though all the magazines and ads keep saying it will, and start with something easy. Start with something easy that allows them to get some initial success which will then begin to snowball and have huge effects over time. But by doing it this way, they wont feel overwhelmed in the process and will be able to keep rocking the whole time.

For example, one of my foundation habits: Getting 8 hours of sleep, drinking half your bodyweight in ounces of water everyday, and taking your multivitamins/fish oil everyday. Those are 3 great and easy places to start. Start with one of those and then progress into harder things like working out everyday.

4. Where can we find you? (like an email, or your social media networks)
 My Facebook is a great place to start.

My website is
You can email me directly at


Thanks, Justin for taking the time to do this interview.

Would you like your blog, brand, business, or cause to be featured on Working Together Wednesday??? Send me an email at with Working Together Wednesday in the subject 🙂

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Teaching Tuesdays: Finding Your Own Way in Homeschooling

Teaching (2)

Welcome back to Teaching Tuesdays!!! Today we are going to talk about finding your own way in homeschooling.

Homeschooling is hard. There is a lot to think about, and a lot to learn. I know I can’t be the only one who thought hoped there would be some sort of guide on step by step homeschooling. While there are several How to’s and essentially guides to help you figure out homeschool, homeschool itself is essentially a journey you must figure out on your own.

I’ve wanted to homeschool for quite some time, but only when I truly started do some research did I realize just how “in over my head” I felt. So, here is my break down of the things you need to figure out in order to find your way in homeschooling.

  1. Know Your “Why”. This is one of those statements I could probably use with almost every area of my life. Knowing “why” you want to homeschool is HUGE. Having this knowledge will help you figure out what your method is as well. For me, there are several whys. The biggest why for me is my desire for my kids to love learning and being able to learn there own way and at there own pace. Knowing the whys and then ranking them in order of priority will help in the steps to come.
  2. Research, Research, Research. Seriously, you cannot have too much knowledge about a topic like this. Read tons of articles and blog posts, and take notes. Write down each method and the things you like and the things you don’t like. But, whatever you do, do NOT stop researching at the first method you “fall in love” with. Many of the methods have similarities, and I think quite a few homeschoolers fall into the eclectic method. Eclectic homeschooling is using more than 1 method to run your homeschool. This is totally acceptable.
  3. Decide What Subjects are Important. You are homeschooling, not every subject has to be taught every year. Decide what subjects are musts and then fill in with a few fun or elective subjects. Don’t make this harder on yourself than it needs to be. Make the decision, and then stick by that.
  4. Create a Balance. When looking at curriculum, make sure you seek out a balance between independent activities and group or one on one work. Right now my kids are in preschool and most things will be hands on with them. However, they are only in school about 2 hours a day. As kids get older and more is required of them, it will take longer. If every subject is spent in group or one on one lessons, this will make for a long day for you the home educator. By mixing up fun group activities with independent work not only are you teaching your children independence, you are also giving yourself time to regroup before the next group or one on one activity.

Finding your own way in homeschooling can seem difficult. The amount of information and decisions to make can seem daunting. Breaking it down step by step can help you find your way.

What is your biggest challenge teaching your children at home???


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Mental Health Mondays: The Spoon Theory.


Mental HealthIt’s Monday!!!   Mondays are typically one of the hardest days of the week. You should be relaxed from a weekend of fun, but often, weekends are too short and Mondays have bigger demands. This is my reminder to you to take care of your mental health.


The Spoon Theory, is a way of describing how much energy you have to live your life. Those with chronic illnesses and mental illnesses often have less energy. You start out with a certain amount of spoons, say 12. Each time you do something (Wake up, cook, eat, get dressed, do your hair, etc) you lose a spoon. In a typical morning, a person might Wake up, take a shower, get dressed, cook, eat, and do their hair before even leaving for work. To a lot of people, this is just normal life. To someone with a chronic illness or mental disorder, this could be half your energy gone in a flash.

In my typical day, I’m noticing a few things:

1. Breaking up a task is easier than getting it all done at once.

When I do 5 loads of dishes in a day, I get more accomplished than when I do 2 loads that are twice as large. I know some people are built to “do it and get it done”. I am not. When I pretend to be someone I’m not, it hurts me in the long run.

2. You can’t schedule everything.

This one is way more complicated than it sounds. First off, life happens. Somedays, you don’t get everything done. Somedays you have to start off with the last half of yesterdays to do list because the first half took longer than expected. Sometimes, you get halfway through the to do list, and you collapse on the couch, feeling like you can’t go any further. When tomorrow’s “To Do List” is as large as today’s and you end up adding half of today’s list to tomorrow, well, you see where this is going, right??? Sometimes you just have to decide what the most important things are, and let the rest go.

3. If you prioritize your “To Do List” you’ll feel better about what you accomplish.

If we look at the example above, getting ready for a day out can zap half your energy. This means we must be careful how we spend the rest of the day. One way to do this, is to plan your day the night before. If you are going somewhere and need to expend all that energy, then what can you do to conserve energy for the rest of the day. If you don’t need to go anywhere, or you find you can skip a step or 2 in the normal process, do it. There is absolutely no shame in cleaning house in your PJ’s or eating a microwave breakfast that only takes a minute to heat and eat. Once we have the basics of the day figured out, prioritize that list. If you could only get 5 things done that day, what is MOST important. If you knock these out of the way, you can at least feel good about yourself for getting that much done.

4. Remember, tomorrow is another day.

One of the things you should never forget is that tomorrow is another day. While it is never ideal to continuously move your To Do’s to the next day, it is fully acceptable. Just make sure each night you plan and prioritize so you get the most important things accomplished. Be gentle with yourself about what you can handle.  Give yourself permission to move the items to tomorrow, so you spend less energy worrying and can rest better giving you more energy for the next day.

Living with a chronic illness is not fun. These are some steps you can take to be the most productive version of yourself.

How do you handle lack of energy???

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Fun Finds Friday: Born This Way

Finding and Trying Fun New Things

Welcome to another Fun Finds Friday!!! Are you enjoying these as much as I am??? I hope so. This week I want to switch gears and talk about something a little different that I found. By now, most of you realize this blog carries a special place for those with disabilities. Having a child who may have 1 or more disabilities herself, this topic is in my heart always. So, naturally, when I was approached by Grace Hill Media to help promote their T.V. show Born This Way, I was intrigued.

I have learned that lots of people would love this blog to promote their products, so I am careful about what I say yes to. However, after talking with the media company and hearing their stories and vision for this show, I was hooked. Born This Way follows the lives of 7 young adults born with Down Syndrome. The 7 amazing and talented adults are working at finding and chasing their dreams. Such and inspiration.

One thing I love about the show is how raw the emotion and reality is. Not only do they follow these young adults, they also follow the families and that is an added layer of trials, emotions, triumphs and pain. It really gives you hope and also a true look at what lots of families face when dealing with disabilities.

I was lucky to get an exclusive interview with one of the mothers. Sandra is the mother of Sean. Sean is in his early 20’s and is an AMAZING golfer with a room full of trophies. I was able to ask her some questions about her life as Sean’s mom:

  1. As a parent, how do you deal with the negativity & ignorance that sometimes comes with raising a child with a disability?

I do my best to detach myself emotionally and patiently try to educate. That’s my hope with Born this Way is that people are being educated that people with disabilities are more alike than different and have the same hopes and dreams as everyone else does. And then there’s the truly ignorant folks who can’t be educated…and I see it as a blessing that Sean reveal’s their true character so I don’t have to befriend them and find out months later their true selves.

2. The teen years are crazy for any child, what helped you get through those years with your son?

PRAYER! And wonderful support from other parents. Sean is always in a sport, and I believe the ‘bleacher therapy’ of sitting with other parents for the duration of a practice or a game and hashing out the challenges and laughing about how we aren’t alone and everyone is experiencing the same things really made it a lot easier.

3. As the parent of a child with Down Syndrome, how did you find time to keep yourself going?

I am so fortunate to have a great husband who is a true partner. Rick can take over Sean’s needs without a manual and that allows me to have the time for myself, and I allow him to have time for himself as well. We have also been fortunate to have a couple of friends who will take Sean for a weekend so we can have quality time together too.

4. What is the best piece of advice on life anyone has ever given you?

Pastor Rick Warren—Every life has a purpose and if you ‘let go and let God’ then He will Take you places you could never imagine…and boy has that been the truth!

5. Looking back over the last 20+ years, what do you wish you could have told yourself at the beginning of this journey?

SAVE FOR COLLEGE! I had no idea there would be so many college programs available.


Thank you Sandra for taking the time to answer these questions.

I plan on letting the girls watch with me, where I can answer questions that may arise and they can learn at a very young age just how alike we all really are. This show is a powerful tool to help raise awareness about disabilities. It has it’s sad and serious parts, but it is definitely fun to watch these men and women follow their dreams.

Born This Way will have their season 2 Premier on Tuesday July 26th on A&E.

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Thankful Thursday: Swimming, Family & Healthier Lifestyles

The previous week in review and what we're thankful for

So, I know technically it’s Friday, but I couldn’t go another week and not talk about some of this week’s highlights & what we are Thankful for. So without further ado, let’s do this.

Friday June 8th I made a decision that will radically change my life forever. I started with Plexus. Now, I know there are lots of companies and different ways to help with weight loss, however throughout my time in Physical Therapy 1 thing has become Crystal clear, I NEED to lose weight. That being said, when everything that you try over and over again doesn’t seem to work, you need to rethink things. Getting healthy is the main goal now. This should be easier for me than some, as my blood work came back good. I, however, realize I need higher accountability and some extra energy to boot. I will be doing a full post on them in about 4 weeks so stay tuned. For now, having the right people put in my life is what I am most thankful for.

Family & Swimming, Swimming & Family. This last weekend was a blast. Spending time with extended family can be hard when everyone seems so busy. We all mean well, but, those projects, activities, and responsibilities just add up and we just can’t fit it in. We discovered 2 things about the girls last weekend. 1) They LOVE Nerf guns. 2) They enjoy swimming.

Having cousins that are years older than them, the girls enjoy learning from them. They try to do everything just like their older cousins. Nerf guns are no exception. The Oldest spent most of the time she wasn’t in the pool, finding various Nerf dart guns and learning to shoot them. The Youngest spent her time retrieving ammo for both sides and having a blast in the process. Even “But Dad” got in on the action. It was a great time for everyone.

Swimming is NOT my strongest subject. The thought of water and my girls scares me. We are forever grateful for the extended family that worked with The Oldest. She learned that she could touch. She also learned to keep her mouth shut so she didn’t get water in it. Just watching her master a new skill was amazing. The confidence she gained was amazing, and I will forever remember last weekend as a milestone in her life.

So, there ya have it, some of the behind the scenes stuff we are thankful for. What are YOU thankful for this week???

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Fun Finds Friday: O-Cedar ProMist & Giveaway

Finding and Trying Fun New Things

***Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by O-Cedar. I received free product in exchange for an honest review. As always, all thoughts are my own.

Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited for this “Fun Finds Friday” because I think this is something we can all use. Who doesn’t love a clean house??? Who doesn’t love easy cleaning??? Well, this post has both of those covered, plus an awesome giveaway!!!  Let’s get started!!!

For those of you who are newer to the blog, you may not know, we have a dog. He is the sweetest, biggest baby (and ball of nerves) that ever was. We love him dearly, but with that love, comes dirt… lots of it. The shedding, the dirt he brings in on his paws, the dander… ugh. I had all but given up on ever having a “clean” house, and just settled for not completely filthy.

Enter the amazing people over at O-Cedar. I was contact by them to try out the ProMist Microfiber Spray Mop. I have 3 mops in this house, and all I ever feel like I’m doing is pushing around dirt. The dirt that you just can’t seem to pick up with a broom and dust pan, ugh.

I am beyond amazed at the ease of this mop. Unlike some of the others out there, these are my favorite things about this mop.

  • Reusable Microfiber Cloth. No it’s not as easy as a disposable, but it’s machine washable. My plan is to buy about 2 more cloths and then I can mop half my house, wash and mop the other half.
  • The Cloth STAYS on the mop. I was never frustrated once with the cloth falling off, unlike some mops.
  • Use Your Own Solution. Whatever you use to clean your floors (just no bleach). I used dish soap the first time, but I’m hearing vinegar and water does pretty good too.
  • Store With Solution. This is AMAZING!!! So easy to just grab it and clean up those little messes before they track all over the place.
  • Super Easy. Easy is an understatement. From taking it out of the box, filling it up, and getting started, took about 4 minutes.
  • No Dirty Mop Water. Worst part of mopping in my opinion is having to wring-out a mop with dirty water on it. Cleaning a dirty mop is about the same level of UGH in my opinion.

This mop truly wins for me. It’s easy, economical, great for the environment. I love cleaning when I feel as though I accomplished something. This mop has truly been a win for me.

The people over at O-Cedar truly are awesome!!! They are giving away one of these amazing mops to one of my readers!!!  Here’s how this works:

  • Giveaway is open to all U.S. residents 18 or older.
  • Enter your name and email below to get started.
  • follow the prompts and enter as many different ways as you would like.
  • You can enter daily by commenting for even more chances to win this amazing mop.
  • Winner will be contacted Via email.
  • Winner must send shipping address in reply, to be forwarded to O-Cedar.
  • O-Cedar will be shipping the mop directly to the winner.
  • Good Luck!!!



Review & Giveaway O-Cedar ProMist

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