Tuesday, 12 Nov 2019

Must-Have Fashion Designing Skills That Isn’t Covered in Fashion Schools

Fashion school is a place where students come to learn about fashion. In fashion schools, most of your time is spent to learn to create fashion sewing, flat pattern making etc. While these are must-have skills, it’s not enough when you are trying to land your first job in the fashion industry. In real world, there’s something that has to be learnt; those skills are sketches, develop garment specs, CAD and presenting boards. In this article, we will discuss such skills and its importance in the fashion industry.

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Draping and Patternmaking

These are valuable skills that will come handy when you deal with a lot of fits. However, fittings are usually done by other people. If you learn this, you will have an idea of creating a good fit. It’s not so much necessary unless you plan to enter project runway.


On the creative side of design, sewing plays a very important role. It’s good to understand the general concepts of garment designing. You must know how to give a proper shape using sewing.


Sadly, fashion illustrations are a dying art in the industry – they are used by designers in the world. It has been replaced with computer drawn stylized technical sketches, which are much more practical. Fashion schools have not followed heavily on illustrations and not enough flat sketching.

Computer Programs

Computer is used everywhere and so it’s become very important to learn the programming basics so that you can modify and generate your desirable outcome. At least, learn Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator. Those are very frequently used tools.

Flat Sketching

While interviewing candidates for design positions, normally it’s seen that the company expects that it must be filled with beautiful illustrations. If flats are included in their portfolios, very basics are used with lack of important details. If their workings are good, then there is high probability of getting a good job along with good pay cheque. But, most of them don’t know the Photoshop properly.

A lot of fashion school grads seriously believe that they know it, but the reality seems different – have to work very hard to learn it. Fashion skills don’t teach these skills for entry level designers, which are very important to finish. They are taught about very basic skills and also nothing fruitful because the students are not trained properly. To learn these skills, one can Google, watch Youtube video, read books, and choose other options too.

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