Working Together Wednesdays: We Need YOU!!!

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We NEED YOU!!!  I have some who VERY recently got involved in my Working Together Wednesday post, however, to do this as a weekly event, I need more of you wonderful bloggers, business owners, and charities or other organizations to come forward either for yourself or for others.

My intent in the Working Together Wednesdays posts is to open the door to some new business, traffic, or donations and awareness.  If you or someone you know is interested in being featured please send an email to and I’ll send back the questions and we will get you in the line up.  Thanks.

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Working Together Wednesdays: Leading By Example Blog- Cristin Xavier

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Welcome to week 2 of Working Together Wednesdays.  Today I would like to introduce you to a blogger friend of mine who is fairly new to the business and is an AMAZING inspiration to me and to other women as well.  Her name is Cristin Xavier, and I’ll just jump right into this interview.


Q. Give us a quick introduction to you and your family.

A.  My name is Cristin Xavier. I’ve been happily married to my husband, Brian for 8 years. We live in New York and both have for our entire lives. We have two girls that light up my life. Josie is 5 and Julia is 2. I am a fitness coach and freelance bookkeeper. I recently lost 25 lbs and find true joy in helping moms like me to get healthy and get their confidence back. So often, when we have small children, it feels impossible to get the weight off and often we put ourselves last because everything else seems so much more important. I used to convince myself that I didn’t care about the baby weight but I’d find myself so upset when I saw how I looked in pictures. I had no energy and wasn’t at my best in many areas of my life. I don’t think it’s as important to lose the weight as it is to find our confidence, which is often a wonderful side effect of losing the baby weight and getting healthy. It’s also so important to find time each day to focus on ourselves. Similar to airplane safety, you need to put the oxygen on yourself first so you can help your family. I help moms make time to get healthy, get their families healthier, and become a better version of themselves. I like to think I teach moms to lead by example when it comes to health, fitness, and overall well-being

Q. What is your blog/business?

A.  I blog at I’m pretty new to blogging but I’ve found that it’s an amazing place to help inspire moms and women to get fit. Not long ago, I used to hate working out. I found it to be a chore instead of an opportunity to help myself and become a better person. I share tips with busy moms to find motivation to get moving and to get dedicated to health and fitness. I also share healthy recipes that are easy to prepare because let’s be honest, we’re all really busy! I only have a short time in the day to make lunch and dinner and to keep it as healthy as I can so I only share recipes that my family loves and that are under 10 minutes to prepare. As a fitness coach, I know I can really make a difference in people’s lives. I match women up with programs that suit their goals and their lifestyle. The women I help make me feel like I’m serving my purpose. I’ve also come across women who felt the same way and wanted to keep paying it forward. I always encourage these women to lead truly inspired lives by becoming part of my team and coaching with me. I love sharing my methods to become a successful Mompreneur and to be able to work from home. It’s so amazing to have more time with your children while enjoying your professional life. I’m all about making new friends and helping everyone I come across to get inspired to lead a healthier life, so please feel free to reach out to me through my blog.



Q.  What is one piece of advice you’d give women?

A.  The best piece of advice I can give any woman is to find time to do you and to truly believe in yourself. As a mom, I always used to question myself. Motherhood is a strange role. I’m responsible for these little people and I know that I have my own flaws so I always worry about what I’m going to pass on to my daughters. I find that this gets worse when I’m only focusing on them and my husband and never myself. Recently, I’ve taken the time to focus on me for at least 40 minutes each day. I use this time for personal development. Every day I make sure to get my 30 minute workout in. My kids do it with me (well, Julia does it with me but I know Josie is watching) and that helps me to know that I’m doing something right because if nothing else, at least my girls will always know how important their health is. I also take 10 minutes every night to read a book about how I can keep becoming a better person. Right now I’m reading The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. These 2 things (exercise and personal development) have lead me to feel more empowered and confident than I think I’ve ever felt in my whole life. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you’re on the path you’re meant to be on. I hope that you check out my blog and use the info to tap into something that you’re passionate about. My blog may be new but I promise, there’s tons of more amazing info to come. It took me a very long time to find my path but now that I have, I lead an inspired life and you can too.

Q.  Where can we find and connect with you?

A.  There are so many ways you can find me. The best way is to go to my blog at I’ve connected all my social media through there (email, Facebook, Periscope, Twitter, Instagram etc.). My favorite social media are Facebook and Periscope so please feel free to friend me or follow me. I feel like these are both such amazing ways to connect. Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me. We’re all here to connect and share our journeys. I’d love to share mine with you and hear all about yours.

Thank you, Cristin for allowing me to interview you.  Please follow Cristin for amazing motivation and great tips.

If you or someone you know would like to be featured on Working Together Wednesdays, please send an email to

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Working Together Wednesdays: Autism Love

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One of the reasons I wanted to get into blogging was to create a community where I could help bring causes and even businesses some extra love using my blog.  I love the idea of creating a platform to help bring awareness and publicity to charities, causes, and small businesses.  While I was laying in bed last night “Working Together Wednesdays” came into my head as a way of using my blog to bring about awareness and keep me accountable on a weekly basis for one of the biggest reasons I wanted to start this blog to begin with.  If you would like your business or organization to be considered for a post on Working Together Wednesdays, please email me at


This week I am introducing you to Danielle from Autism Love.  I did a mini interview with her and will fill you in on a little bit of what She and Autism Love are all about.

Q: Give us a brief introduction, Danielle.

A:  My name is Danielle. I am a mom of 5 kids. The 4 year old is high functioning autistic. The 2 year old is semi non verbal, only saying about 5 words or so. I am married and my father in law lives with us as well. So with three animals 5 kids and three adults it’s a packed house!

Q: What is the name of your page, and why did you start it?

A: My page us called AUTISM LOVE. I started it to help bring smiles to children who might not get them to often. I send cards and stickers to autistic children in the USA and a few other countries. I opened the page to include other diagnoses as well. So we have autistic children and sensory processing disorder (spd) as well. Some of the children have multiple diagnoses that include add adhd and many others. Our motto is “every child deserves a smile”. I make sure to include stickers for every child in the home not just the diagnosed child. We believe in being fair. We try to send a card once a month to the whole list.

Q: Who is this page for?

A: The page is for parents or guardians to join for support and chat. We ask for the children’s names and address so we can send a card. The page is private for the safety of our children and their families. We also have a public page in the same name.

Q: How can others get involved?

A: Others can get involved by joining if they have a diagnosed child or by donating. I have a PayPal account for the page. We are always in need of stamps and stickers. At present time stamps are very much needed. At this time we have about 90 or so names. So we go through a lot of cards stickers and stamps. P.s. Greetings has generously donated two huge boxes of cards. We have received many donations of stamps and stickers and money from members of the page. Our biggest obstacle is coming up with the money to buy more supplies. All I want to do is make all the children happy and to put a smile on their faces.

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This is such an amazing idea, and I just LOVE what she is doing.  Seeing a smile on these kiddos faces’ is an amazing gift to everyone involved.  The Adventures of “But Mom” is going to contribute some stickers for sure 🙂

If you would like to contact Danielle about getting your child(ren) into the group, or to donate you can contact her at her group page: Autism Love

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