Working Together Wednesday: Owen’s Outrageous Food Fight- Pediatric GI Research

Working Together Wednesdays-Winter edition

Happy Wednesday!!!  I am SOOOO excited for #WorkingTogetherWednesday today because I was contacted by a family to help raise awareness for an awesome cause and I pretty fun way they are trying to raise money for it.  Today I will introduce you to Raymond from Owen’s Outrageous Food Fight.  This family tugged at my heart and I am going to work really hard at helping this family make this a reality.  So, here we go!!!



Give us a quick intro of you and your family..

My wife, son (Owen) and I live in New Jersey. Owen is the inspiration for this event because he was born with issues that lead him to have short bowel syndrome. It is because of him that I was able to see that GI conditions are not as visible as other disorders nor do they receive as much funding. With his short bowel syndrome comes the inability to obtain as much nutrients as he needs so he has an NG tube and a central line for IV nutrition. Due to the IV nutrition and overnight tube feeds we have nightly nursing that help watch him so that he stays safe. But if you were to meet him you wouldn’t think there is anything different about him. He is active, plays, goes to school. And we want to keep him happy and normal which is why we want to increase awareness for conditions like his because we don’t want him to be ashamed.
What is your business/blog?
Our business is Owen’s Outrageous Food Fight and it is an event to help raise awareness and funds for pediatric GI research while having fun. It will be the food fight that you only see in the movies. The setup for the event will be like a charitable mud run. Our plan is to bring this event to as many areas as possible so that we can spread awareness and raise as much funds for research as possible.
What is your best piece of advice?
Don’t let any situation keep your child from living a fun and fulfilling life.
Where can we find you? (like an email, or your social media networks)
Thanks so much for participating in this Raymond. This cause really gets my heart,  If you would like more information on how to help Owen’s Outrageous Food Fight, please contact them at the email above.

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Working Together Wednesdays: H and P Artistry

Working Together Wednesdays-Winter edition

Welcome to another Awesome edition of Working Together Wednesdays, Bringing You New Bloggers, Businesses, and Causes.  I’m excited to bring you all a good friend of mine, Heather, from H and P Artistry.  So, Here we go 🙂


1. Give us a quick intro of you and your family.

My name is Heather and I am a mom to a teen, Sewist (I love that word way better than sewer), entrepreneur, and Blogger; as well as so many other things just like you.

I reside right outside the Beautiful and fast growing City of Nashville, TN. I’m a single mom raising a fantastic teenage daughter, and helping out with all of my nieces and nephews ranging from 3 months to 14 years. I love them all.

Me and the girls

2. What is your business/blog?
I Blog at The blog includes sewing, crafting, recipes, and more. I Also have an etsy shop where you can purchase embroidered towels, wine bags for your kitchen and whimsical children’s Aprons for your little ones.

I blog about life, crafting, cooking and sewing by sharing the tidbits of life that inspire each of my sewing/crafting tutorials. I love having the ability to share the tips, tricks, and projects as I learn them and complete them. I share the mistakes (because we all make them) and the fixes as we go on this adventure together. I started the blog as a way to keep up with my progress, to keep track of my projects, and help other people along the way.

The name H and P Artistry came from my Nana. She knew I wanted to use the blog to show my daughter that if you put in the time and effort you can make your dreams come true. So she decided on Heather and Paige Artistry and I shortened it to H and P Artistry.

“Sewing Mends The Soul” I found this quote by accident one day and realized it plays true for me. Once I started sewing I found my passion again. I worked in the corporate world for a long time and when the economy tanked was laid off. I moved from temp job to contract job and back again and just lost my confidence and my joy.  Sewing and blogging helped me find it again. And the tag line Crafting heals the soul and ignites a passion for life is born.

3. What is your best piece of advice?
Always tell the truth and be yourself. People know when you are faking it and if they catch you in a lie they will never trust you again.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.


4. Where can we find you? (like an email, or your social media networks)

Blogger, Sewist, Writer and mom.
Social media handle:
 @HandPArtistry on Twitter, Instagram and Periscope
Tag Line – Creativity Heals the Soul

Thanks Heather.  If you or someone you know has a blog, business, or brand and you would like to be featured on Working Together Wednesday, please send me an email.


If you would like the code for the “Working Together Wednesday” Button, please let me know 🙂

Working Together

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Working Together Wednesday: A Well Heeled Woman

Working Together Wednesdays-Winter edition

 Hi everyone, Welcome back to Working Together Wednesday, Where we introduce you to New Bloggers, Businesses, and Causes.  Today you will meet Lindi Mogale and learn about her blog The Well Heeled Woman.  So without further ado, let’s do this…

  1. Give us a quick intro of you and your family

Hello, my name is Lindi Mogale. I live in the beautiful and vibrant country called South Africa.  I am a married mother of 2 boys, my husband and I have been married for 12 years.   Our boys are 9 years and 2 years old. We are family that likes to travel, loves to entertain and to laugh. We are currently living under the dictatorship of the terrible two’s, allegedly it gets better, but neither one of us can remember as my eldest was a very quiet toddler. My eldest is kind loving boy and the little is a loving busy little stirrer. Both my husband and I work outside of the home and have demanding jobs, so family time is sacred. We normally spend Saturday together trying to fit in some morning exercise, and then spending the afternoon with the kids. Sunday are spending mostly attending bible study and then taking part in preaching and teaching others about the bible – and most weekends having friends over to our house for the afternoon/evening. We really enjoy our weekends, although they end quickly and then it’s back to work.


  1. What is your business/blog

I run a blog called A Well Heeled Woman. This is a lifestyle and parenting blog. I juggle home, studies and a busy career and I love finding products and services that make it easier to fulfill my many roles, and still have time for my family. I love to travel, I like trying new products, makeup, clothes and kiddies products. The aim of the blog is to inspire, support, create conversation and share experiences with other women and have fun. The title of my blog is a reference to my love for high heeled shoes. I am currently running an amazing series on my blog called the #YourBeatifulSeries, it focuses on what women see as beauty, it explores when and why they have felt most beautiful, the series has been inspiring to me. , If you would like to be featured on the series please email me



  1. Where can we find you ?

I love to get in touch and connect with others, you can contact me on the following details






Thanks Lindi for introducing yourself and your blog.  Best of Luck to you in the coming year.

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Working Together Wednesday: Sonya’s Story

Working Together Wednesdays-Winter edition

It has been a while since I have done a “Working Together Wednesday” and I am excited to get back into it.  This week, we meet Randi Zaila as she shares her story with us.

View More:

Give us a quick intro of you and your family

I am Randi Zaila and I am a married mom of four kiddos; 5 and under.  My educational background is in Speech Language Pathology; however, since 2010 my primary source of employment has been my children.  This past year our 4th child was born (our 3rd daughter) and when she was 4 weeks and 3 days old we witnessed her first seizure.  At 2 months of age, she was diagnosed with a rare x-linked genetic disorder, caused randomly during conception, known as CDKL5.

CDKL5 is Cyclin Dependent Kinase Like 5.  The CDKL5 gene provides instructions for making a protein that is essential for normal brain development.  Most children affected by CDKL5 suffer from seizures that begin in the first few months of life.  Most cannot walk, talk or feed themselves, and many are confined wheelchairs, dependent on others for everything.

I now spend my “spare time” raising awareness for CDKL5 and Epilepsy in hopes of finding/funding a cure for my daughter and other children with the same diagnosis.  It is also important to me that professionals learn more about CDKL5 as well as parents so their children can have a diagnosis faster.

What is your business/blog?

My blog is, and it was created to spread awareness of CDKL5 and Epilepsy, while simultaneously helping me to express my feelings as I navigate through the special needs world.

What is your best piece of advice?

I like to refer to Jonathan Larson’s quote of “Forget regret, or life is yours to miss”.

Where can we find you beside your blog?

  1. Twitter: @SonyasStory
  2. Facebook:
  3. Email:
  4. Google:


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Because We Love You

I am horribly behind on EVERYTHING in life lately, but, sometimes, that is a blessing in disguise.  If I had put ALL the Working Together Wednesdays into posts right away and scheduled them out, I probably would NOT be writing this, and that makes me a little sad.


Today in the U.S, we “celebrate” Veterans Day.  Now, I put celebrate in quotes because while I am sure there are SOME that celebrate, for me, it has always been a time to remember and honor those who have fought for us, those who have given up those precious late teen and young adult years to serve our country.  It has mixed emotions, for while Memorial Day is the day we remember those who gave up their lives and died serving our country, Veterans Day is a day we simply thank those who served or are serving  our country.

There are tons of organizations that help Veterans while they are in active duty and throughout the rest of their lives.  I believe that a simple Thank You is NOT enough when it comes to the sacrifices made by those who serve our country.  Having resources to help them and their families is critical to showing support.  While I understand not everyone can afford to donate, there are ways of donating time, and also simply helping these organizations get their message out to other who CAN donate time or money.

I have been looking and have found a few organizations that seem stellar and their messages are amazing.  So, here we go…

Adopt A US Soldier: “Adopt A US Soldier allows you to show your support for our deployed troops.
You can choose to Adopt A US Soldier by sending a weekly letter or post card and optional care package to a single soldier for the duration of their deployment OR register through Project Frontlines for a one time donation to a unit.”  I have adopted a few soldiers through here and the group is AWESOME.  If you are looking for long-term donations, they have awesome ideas in their message boards, and everyone there is amazing.

Any Soldier:   Any Soldier was set up to connect individuals and families with a deployed soldier to send a 1 time care package.  This is not necessarily an on-going adoption, but rather a 1 time package as the addresses are not always current passed a couple weeks of receiving the address.  This is a GREAT place to start out if you have never sent care packages before, and being able to choose who you support means if there is a particular branch of the military that is near and dear to your heart, you can find someone in that branch fairly easily, as well as choosing between men or women (you click on a name and read a bit about them before you request the address to send to them).

Brave HEART“The Brave HEART Program is a program for Military members and their families, including therapeutic activities.

We appreciate the immeasurable courage, sacrifice and dedication of our Military Personnel and their Families, and honor this by giving something back to them. We believe every Military Family is special – Military Service and overseas deployments take a toll on the Service Member and on the Family, both during the deployment and after they return home. Each deserves the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the American way of life, which they have worked so hard to support and defend.

Our individual tailored farm visits, variety of activities, and friendly environment in a convenient location, are the keys to improving family relationships and strengthening family bonds.”

LCpl Lutz Live to Tell Foundation:  This foundation exists to help those who are home from being deployed deal with the Post-Traumatic Stress that being deployed in a war-zone causes.  To fully understand the mission behind this foundation read the Letter From The CEO.

Home For Heroes Foundation:  “The Homes For Heroes Foundation Mission is to provide needed support in the form of financial assistance and/or housing resources to our nation’s Heroes who have been wounded in the line of duty or are needy. The Homes For Heroes Foundation defines our nation’s Heroes as those who serve in the Military and those who serve our communities every day, such as Police/Peace officers, Firefighters and First Responders.”

Armed Forces Foundation:  The Armed Forces Foundations mission is “To protect and promote the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of military service members, veterans, and their families.”  They have several ways to get involved and are a great resource for information.

So there are several ways to get involved helping our veterans.  A BIG Thank You to those who have served and are serving now.

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Working Together Wednesday: Meet Kate & Smalls

Untitled design (4)

Hello everyone. It’s Wednesday and that means another edition of Working Together Wednesday.  Today I would like to introduce you all to another of my amazing blogger friends who just recently (last month) started her blog: Kate & Smalls.  So let’s get right into this …

1. Give us a quick intro of you and your family 

I’m Kate, I’m the wife of an entrepreneur and mom of 3. Our oldest is in 2nd grade, our only son is in Kindergarten and I stay at home with our 15 month old. So things are pretty busy around here especially since the kids are figuring out which extracurricular activities interest them. We try to limit them to one activity per season, so they still have time to play. I think free play is still the most important thing for them, even though they are getting older.
 We live on the coast in NC, which is beautiful and I love that we still get all 4 seasons… even if Spring and Fall are super short. It’s really nice being able to go to the beach throughout the year whenever the mood strikes. I’m not sure if we will live here forever, but I think it’s a wonderful place for kids to grow up!
2. What is your business/blog
I blog at I’m new to blogging, but I’m loving it. My blog is all about getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Blogging is one of those things that use to terrify me, but its been great so far! As a mom, I often tell my kids to try new things… but I wasn’t. I started the blog to share my adventures trying new things and to hold myself accountable. I’m always adding to my list of things to try, so if you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way. My hope is to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, even if it scares them.
I’m also an Independent Consultant for Rodan+Fields. The same doctors that created Proactiv. Their products helped my skin so much after the birth of my third child that I signed up with the company! I love helping people with their skin care concerns and sharing this amazing company with anyone that will listen! 🙂 This sweet little business has allowed me to continue staying home with my kids; which I will am truly grateful for!

3. What is your best piece of advice about…

My best piece of advice has to be “Try it, you might like it!” I think its really important that we are always challenging ourselves and growing. It’s really easy as adults and parents to get stuck in the day to day. We forget we need to push ourselves and try new things. It doesn’t have to be anything huge… it could be a new restaurant, class, workout or just something you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t yet! Plus it sets a great example for your kids!


4. Where can we find you (like n email, or your social media networks… periscope

You can find me on way too many social media outlets! My faves are IG, Periscope and Facebook. I’m trying to figure out Twitter… but I think I’m too wordy for it, so I get frustrated!

Rodan + Fields

Instagram @kateandsmalls.tiu
Twitter @kateandsmalls
Periscope @kateandsmalls
Please follow along with Kate on her AMAZING journey to try new things and let us all tag along. I look forward to bringing you all another new face to meet next week.

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