It’s Baaaack!!! Working Together Wednesday: Promote Your Brand, Business, Or Cause

Happy Hump Day, ladies and gents!!! Hope this week has been great so far. Exciting things are going on behind the scenes of AOBM and I’m excited. Starting next, Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2017, we will be bringing back Working Together Wednesday. Let us promote you.

If you are unsure what Working Together Wednesday (WTW) is, let me explain it. Being a small business owner, I know how hard it is to move past your own warm and some luke-warm market. It can be daunting to get your name out there, and ABOM wants to help.

So, WHO exactly is WTW for, you may ask??? It is for anyone who has a blog, brand, business, or cause that is not nationally known. How is this determined??? Well, if you think you may NOT qualify, send me an email and I’ll look over it and see, but most everyone who isn’t a national chain will be good. ūüėČ ¬†If you you are in direct sales or network marketing, we want to hear your story here too. Are you a creative that makes and sells stuff??? Click the link and fill it out. I want 2017 to be the year of MORE for everyone. More exposure, more clients, more followers, more readers, more sales, more income. Let’s make this happen. Let us help promote you starting next week.

Here is the link to the form. Fill it out as completely as possible and I will be sending you and email confirming your spot with us.  Looking forward to working with you all in 2017.


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The Little Things: My Biggest Step to Work-Life Balance

Finding true Work-Life Balance


It was Wednesday. I was stressed, and ready to give up my dream. I’d been trying to do blog work for about 2 hours and I was getting interrupted every 3 minutes by a “new” “amazing” toy one of my children wanted to show me… I should have been thrilled to see the happiness in their eyes as they brought each toy to me and had a conversation about it with me. ¬†This was what I wanted, what I longed for prior to being a mom, but I had¬†work that needed to get done. My work-life balance was all screwed up.

I often struggle with wether or not to call blogging “work”. I mean it would be one thing if I would be seeing some kind of compensation for it, but so far, nothing in the area of money. I’m okay with that for 3 reasons (Which would probably make a great blog post one day) 1. I enjoy writing, 2. The community of friends I have made is BEYOND amazing, 3. I’ll get there some day, I’m just not about to jump into something I’m not able to keep up with.

That being said, “But Dad” and I have had many a conversation where I cry on his shoulder trying to figure out if this is something WORTH holding on to, or something I should keep SOLELY in my “spare time”. We finally came to the conclusion that since writing makes me happy, the blog is (practically) free to maintain, and I can carve out the time to do it, I need to stick with blogging as more of a business, and maybe start looking into free lancing and writing for a paycheck eventually. I’m all for that because it DOES make me happy.

After Wednesday’s ordeal with taking 2 hours to comment on about 3 blogs, I told “But Dad” I needed a table to write outside. Away from all “my” distractions, and a place where I could actually get work done. He came up with a better idea. Move the girls back into the same room again, and set up my computer and stuff in the smaller bedroom and turn it into my “office”.

I’ll admit, a mix of emotions flooded me as I tried to decide if this would be the best idea. I want my kids to sleep, I also want them to feel like they have their own spaces and enough room to play. On the other hand, if I get my work done when I have time set aside, I can spend MORE time with them. I can plan fun things and we can have more time to do those, and I’ll be less stressed because I’m not “late” on a deadline, or thinking about what I could get done in the 12 minutes they are paying attention to the T.V. and not me.

I made it all exciting for my oldest as I moved her bed into the now “shared” bedroom. “This will be fun, sissy will be right in the same room with you” I said to her, I felt a bit of guilt well up inside, and then I said, “and now when mommy is working, she’ll be in the other bedroom working, and I can get my work done and then we can play when I come out”.

I moved my stuff into the room on Friday, and from that moment, when the computer was no longer my “go to” seat in the house. I sat on the living room furniture, engaging with my family, having conversations, and being present. It was at that moment I realized how BIG of a blessing this truly was. I realized how much I wasn’t going to miss out on anymore.

Things I would have missed today (Saturday):

Kira playing with our dog and an Easter egg. Granted, he was less than impressed, but, it was still awful cute

Kira and “Poppy” the house fly. The story goes: We were sitting on the couch, chillin’ and Kira said “Look, a bug” a house fly had made it’s way into our house. I told Kira that they normally fly around doors waiting for them to open and then fly right in as soon as someone opens the door. ¬†She decided the fly had to have a name, and the “Poppy” the House Fly was pretty cool.

The above mentioned conversation brings me to the next thing I probably would have missed “But Dad” immediately calling the House Fly “Fly” and then my next remark “He’s pretty fly for a house fly”

I know to some people these seem like little things, and maybe they are, but to me they are the things that I would have missed if my head were in the computer all day like it normally is. The things that make my family smile, laugh, or just in general happy.

Having my “office” means I separate the 2. When I am at work, work gets done. When it is family time, I spend time actually interacting with my family, not just my body being there as I am frantically trying to finish something on my phone for work. When it is time to clean, I have no excuse, there is no computer to sit at and “work” while I should be cleaning.

This has been the biggest blessing EVER!!! I am now able to focus on the things that matter most to me, when it is time to do them. It also means I know my kids are getting to spend more time with me, and that makes me less stressed. Less stress = happier mama and less cycles of mine for the house to deal with. I really wish we would have done this sooner.

So, I guess the point of this post, you can do it all, just not at once, is all about finding the little things that help you. I have work hours now, and a place to work, I also have times set up for family and cleaning, and individual time with each child. It’s only been 3 days, and to think, I’d be pulling my hair out still if “But Dad” hadn’t come up with the idea to make this an office. I couldn’t be happier, and I know my family is as well.

Do you have little changes that help you accomplish more in your day???

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Straight From My Heart: My One Word…

Straight From My Heart Basic

I have been seeing the trend in “One Word” blog posts since the beginning of the year. ¬†I knew I LOVED the idea, and that I wanted to do the same. ¬†To come up with a word that would sum up everything I wanted that year to be about. ¬†I was stumped, but if I’m honest, I really didn’t give it much thought. ¬†I was busy DOING, BEING, and trying to keep it all together as we got back on track at the beginning of the year. ¬†Between everyone being sick over holiday break, and then jumping right back into “normal” on January 4th, I felt a bit over my head, a bit let down that what I had hoped to accomplish over the holiday break never happened. ¬†I was struggling to tread water.

Last night, I sat on the couch, exhausted after a weekend of playing dinosaurs, Monsters Inc, cooking, and catching up on some MUCH needed DEEP cleaning. ¬†The kids were in bed, my new Sunday night show was over and I had an hour to either WORK, or RELAX. ¬†About 30 mins into that hour, I realized, I wasn’t getting any work done last night. ¬†I relaxed and went to bed at a decent time, setting my alarm for an hour earlier. ¬†This morning, I’m up, I caught up on some emails, I’m drinking my water, writing this post and going to workout right after. ¬†I’m fitting it all in, somehow.

My word for 2016 is: Balance. ¬†It came to me literally as I was waiting for Word Press to load the “New Post” page. ¬†I am PROUD of myself, last week was a struggle, yet, I still drank at least 48 oz of water every day(before that I drank ZERO oz of water and like 4 cups of coffee and 3-4 sodas a day) I worked out 6 out of 7 days, I was able to control my mood swings to a point where they didn’t ruin ENTIRE days but just a few hours. ¬†We made it to every appointment, preschool, and play date ON TIME, and I managed to get FOUR blog posts up last week as well. ¬†Throw in the normal things, cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping I did WELL. ¬†I am NOT upset that I relaxed last night, I needed and deserved it. ¬†When there is BALANCE in my life, I am more at peace, life seems easier (even if it’s not) and my family definitely benefits from it.

So this year I will work hard in ALL areas of my life. ¬†I will not focus TOO much in just one area. My goals will be in ALL areas of life, and I will try to NOT be as hard on myself and take those well deserved breaks. 2016 is the year of Balance for the “But Family” .

What is YOUR word for 2016???

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