Managing Monday: Closet Clutter

Welcome to another Managing Monday!!! I’m excited since it’s starting to get warmer (although we have a Winter Weather Advisory for snow today) and Spring is in the air. Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning. I have a lot to declutter and that has been on my mind pretty heavy lately. We have so much stuff and really no room for it all. So Today I want to give you a tip on clutter cutting!!!

Clutter can make things seem so much harder than they have to be. The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to clean. The more you have, the harder it is to find stuff. And, the more you have, the more decisions you have to make (or the more choices you have at least).

The best tip I can give you, is to focus. Pick one area and work on that area until you have it the way you want and can keep it that way. Start small, pick 1 thing each day to donate or throw away if need be, but make it consistent and keep at it until it is done.

This week, in my VIP group on Facebook, I’ll be talking about closet clutter. Join my VIP Group Here for more tips and to see the 5 Day Closet Clutter Challenge.

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Changes, Changes, Changes: The Next Chapter

Wow, it’s hard to believe there is only a little over a week left in this month. Almost the first month of 2017 in the books.  I’m super excited about some changes that are happening in my life and on the blog, so I want to share them with you now. As most of you know I took 3 months off last year, that won’t be happening this year.  There is so much I really want to do, let’s get started.


This, the blog you are reading, “The Adventures of But Mom” is changing focuses. The blog will now be more geared toward Working At Home Mom’s and time management and business tips. We will be keeping Working Together Wednesday, adding in Manage It Monday which will give you tips on how to manage anything from time, to the fridge, to your paperwork and more. I will also have a weekend link-up starting on fridays. This will be a great place to plug posts about business or business tips. It will be entitled “Finally Friday Business Link Up”

A lot of you are asking “where does that leave the mental health and special needs categories?”  I’m so glad you asked that.

Starting March 1st I will be unveiling a NEW blog. It’s so new I’m not even sure of the title yet. It will be geared towards parents of special and high needs children and also helping parents with mental health issues and such.  I’m so glad to have clarity on the 2 different directions I feel compelled to write about.

My heart is so drawn to ALL the topics I post about. At first this was a difficult decision because I was feeling the need to focus more which meant giving up something. Then I realized that I could do all of it, just not all in the same place. So, here we are. This is quite a change for me, and I’m ecstatic to begin traveling down these 2 roads.

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Welcome 2017: Family Life Update

Yes, I realize it has been a while. Okay, a LOOONG while. We have been super busy, and life just hasn’t stopped. I love blogging for many reasons, not the least of which is freedom. Having freedom to tend to my family life when I need to is amazing, and I’m so happy I was able to take the last 3 months of 2016 off.

So, what have we been up to??? Well, a whole lot actually. I will take your through all the members of our household.

“But Dad”

So, “But Dad” has been through a lot. I won’t go into super high detail, but I will say that we are in the process of ruling out Crohn’s Disease with him. There have been many appointments and tests, and the road is not over yet. This is one of the reasons I have had less time to blog. With “But Dad” not being 100% (even for him), “But Mom” has had to take on more.

The Oldest

So, the oldest has been doing the same and better. I know that is probably confusing. I will say that there are many areas she is getting better at. We have found a new idea as to what is going on with her, so that will be for another post though. Right now, we are doing better in some areas, and the same in others. We have her in a behavior progran (at home) 2 days a week. She is also in play therapy one day a week to try to figure out what our next steps are. As I have said, I have my ideas, but I’ll save those for another post. It is a learning process, and I’m very lucky to learn along with her.

The Youngest

The youngest has gone through some stuff as well. She was diagnosed in August with sleep apnea and after an appointment with an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist) We decided she needed her tonsils out. So, one week before Thanksgiving, my little one had full surgery. She had both her tonsils and adenoids removed. She was quite a trooper. I mean, she even had a full meal 5 hours after surgery. It seems we are doing much better now. You can tell she is getting sleep now because she is a typical 3 year old instead of a laid-back angel. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“But Mom” (That’d be ME )

So, lots of stuff going on with everyone in our household. I have been scheduling and going to appointments with everyone. It has been great fun as Dr appointments always are (Can you feel the sarcasm there???). So outside of that, we have been dealing with holidays and planning said holidays. I have been missing writing, but I just didn’t have the focus to write after 2 appointments in a week plus behavior therapy and play therapy. Things haven’t settled down much, but I think I am getting more used to the faster pace of life. It takes a while, but I eventually catch up.

On a side note, I have lots of fun stuff to share in the next few months. I will be keeping up with Mental Health Mondays and Some other areas, but I’m also going to be adding 2 areas to the blog. One area is going to be about how our family manages with so many issues conflicting with each other. The other area is about Work At Home Mom’s. I have some ideas, but I’m still not 100% sure how all that will unfold, but I’m excited to see.

I’m going to close by introducing the newest member of our family:



Meet Pumpkin. She made our way into our home on October 1st and we have loved every minute of her stay with us thus far.  So… I’d love to catch up, drop a comment about how your life is going 🙂

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Setting Up a Candy Buffet for Those With Food Allergies


If your kids are anything like mine, then you have been asked a time or 2 to have a candy buffet at a party. I tend to shy away from them because it seems these days everyone has a different allergy. Thanks to the folks over at Sweet Services who have brought us some tips on setting up a Candy Buffet when guests have food allergies.

Candy buffets are very popular right now, They are fun and beautiful, and they replace the cakes at a party and the goodie bags filled with plastic. However, even with something as easy as a candy buffet, there is an unseen danger. That danger is food allergies. If you are a parent of a child with allergies, you know that heartbreaking look you see when the other kids are indulging on things they can only dream of. With that in mind, let’s try to make a cool candy buffet that all the kids enjoy.


First, as a responsible parent, inquire with each if your guest and see who has allergies.

You will probably find several children who cannot have peanuts or tree-nuts or their products. Some children will not be able to eat chocolate or any candy with milk products. Gluten (wheat) free products are also very important. While a lot of people reach for sugar-free, there are a few people who cannot eat artificial sweeteners.


Armed with your list, contact your favorite bulk candy supplier and let them awe you with a solution list that is equally impressive. How you stage your candy buffet is your choice. It is wise to use a two-color scheme and a theme of the table. It is wise to set up one section of the table with food-allergy friendly foods. Labeling is essential, so the front of the table is a good choice. Unless you intend on making the entire table allergy-free.


Provide a few anti-allergy goodie bags for children to take home (Consider labeling the back of the bag, “candy made without tree-nut products, artificial sweeteners, and milk products”)


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Tree-nut / Peanut-free candy

Natural gummy candies and jelly beans



Wonka’s Nerds and Nerd Ropes

Dum Dum Lollipops

Tootsie Rolls (or any product made by Tootsie)

Now and Laters

Pop Rocks





Gluten & Casein Free Candy


Cotton candy

Double-Bubble Gum



Haribo – Gold bear minis


Pixie Stix

Conversation hearts

Jelly beans

Variety of flavors of pops and suckers

Candy buttons

Candy Necklaces

Ring pops

Hard candy such as life savers

Jolly Ranchers

Orange and Cream Chews

Super sour straws


Use clear jars to display candy. Cover boxes with fabric or foil and use the boxes to raise or lower the jars. Read the labels and keep them in a spiral notebook for anyone else to read. Use scoops in the jars for easier retrieval. Consider keeping some dried fruit on the table for an all natural treat. Gluten free cereals make a pretty display and many parents consider this a staple item. This gives younger children a few options too.


With a little planning and the right supplier, your candy buffet will make any party beautiful and exciting. Use colorful balloons or ribbons or color hung behind the table for a beautiful backdrop. Use designer candy on display for your centerpiece or any bright theme item.

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Mental Health & Wellness Link Up: September


Mental (2)


I can’t believe it is September already. Where has this year gone??? I’m excited for all the fall beauty, the colors, the warm cuddly clothes, this truly is my favorite time of year.

Before we get to all the fun fall stuff, this week is a very important week. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week which includes World Suicide Prevention Day. Starting today and going through Sunday I will touch on some crazy facts, myths, and talk about how you can help yourself or a loved one if they are ever plagued by suicidal thoughts.

So, Let’s start this week off with our Monthly Mental Health and Wellness Link-Up

Looking forward to reading the posts this month. Let’s help spread awareness and Stop the Stigma of Mental Illness, and support good mental health this month

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Teaching Tuesdays: Introducing: Happy Homeschool Hangout

Happy Homeschool Hangout

Hi all!!! I’m super excited to bring you this special announcement. I finally have a cell phone that has the latest Facebook App. That means I can go LIVE now 🙂  This is super exciting and comes just in time for Our first week of Happy Homeschool Hangout.

What is Happy Homeschool Hangout, you ask??? Happy Homeschool Hangout is a LIVE broadcast on the Facebook page. It will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00 AM EST. Each week, on Tuesday we will be explaining our live demo or activity for Thursday. We have 5 categories: Craft, Game, Recipe, Experiment, and Sensory Fun. On Tuesdays “Teaching Tuesdays” I will include the list of supplies you will need for Thursdays activity. It will be fun, and we can all do it together, or you can watch the girls and I doing it Thursday and incorporate it another day/time.

I’m Super excited for this. September is when we start thinking about fall, and apples. So September’s theme will be “A is for Apple”. The activities will be easy enough for a preschooler, but on Tuesday we will open the discussion up to how you can make them more complex so older kids can enjoy as well.

Today I will be live at 11:00 EST (which is 8:00 AM PST). We will be talking about our Apple Craft which will be a diagram of an apple.

Supplies you will need include:

  • Red Construction Paper
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • White typing paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Gather those items together, and we’ll make our own Apple Diagrams on Thursday on The Happy Homeschool Hangout.

Super excited hope to see you both Today and on Thursday!!!

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