Working Together Wednesday: Angie Cunningham- Books & SPD

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Happy Hump Day!!!  I am very excited for this weeks Working Together Wednesday.  Today I get to introduce you to a friend of mine who blogs about her familiy life with SPD and runs an Usborne Books business (My kids LOVE Usborne Books).  So without further ado… Here we Goooo.

Give us a quick intro of you and your family.
My family consists of my husband Quinn, my son Teagan, me, and our four dogs, Daisy, Mysti, Abbey, and Baby Dash.
Working Together Wednesday SPD Blog & Children's Books
Angie’s Son
What is your business/blog?
My Blog is: Family Circus Acts
It is about being a person with Sensory Processing Disorder and raising a child with SPD.
I haven’t psoted very many posts yet but, I am sticking with it. I want to educate people that do not understand
SPD. I want to bring to their attention the negativity and judgments people harmfully assume about children with
I recently became a consultant for Usborne Children’s Book’s. It turned out to be a lot more fun than I had anticipated.
I really enjoy sharing about the books and doing book parties. It is refreshing to realize that people are still into books and
want to have books in their children’s lives. We are educating our future.

What is your best piece of advice?
Stick with it!  Selling Usborne books started out slow. But pushing through, holding out, and learning as much as possible paid off.

Sales are starting to pick up. Adults are sharing their love by giving children books. If you are passionate about something follow through!

Where can we find you? (like an email, or your social media networks)
You can find me at Angie’s Usborne Children’s Books on Facebook
On my Usborne site
Or my email is
Thanks so much Angie.  Please visit the links above if you’d like to learn more about SPD or Usborne books.

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Working Together Wednesdays: Autism Love

Untitled design (4)

One of the reasons I wanted to get into blogging was to create a community where I could help bring causes and even businesses some extra love using my blog.  I love the idea of creating a platform to help bring awareness and publicity to charities, causes, and small businesses.  While I was laying in bed last night “Working Together Wednesdays” came into my head as a way of using my blog to bring about awareness and keep me accountable on a weekly basis for one of the biggest reasons I wanted to start this blog to begin with.  If you would like your business or organization to be considered for a post on Working Together Wednesdays, please email me at


This week I am introducing you to Danielle from Autism Love.  I did a mini interview with her and will fill you in on a little bit of what She and Autism Love are all about.

Q: Give us a brief introduction, Danielle.

A:  My name is Danielle. I am a mom of 5 kids. The 4 year old is high functioning autistic. The 2 year old is semi non verbal, only saying about 5 words or so. I am married and my father in law lives with us as well. So with three animals 5 kids and three adults it’s a packed house!

Q: What is the name of your page, and why did you start it?

A: My page us called AUTISM LOVE. I started it to help bring smiles to children who might not get them to often. I send cards and stickers to autistic children in the USA and a few other countries. I opened the page to include other diagnoses as well. So we have autistic children and sensory processing disorder (spd) as well. Some of the children have multiple diagnoses that include add adhd and many others. Our motto is “every child deserves a smile”. I make sure to include stickers for every child in the home not just the diagnosed child. We believe in being fair. We try to send a card once a month to the whole list.

Q: Who is this page for?

A: The page is for parents or guardians to join for support and chat. We ask for the children’s names and address so we can send a card. The page is private for the safety of our children and their families. We also have a public page in the same name.

Q: How can others get involved?

A: Others can get involved by joining if they have a diagnosed child or by donating. I have a PayPal account for the page. We are always in need of stamps and stickers. At present time stamps are very much needed. At this time we have about 90 or so names. So we go through a lot of cards stickers and stamps. P.s. Greetings has generously donated two huge boxes of cards. We have received many donations of stamps and stickers and money from members of the page. Our biggest obstacle is coming up with the money to buy more supplies. All I want to do is make all the children happy and to put a smile on their faces.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.05.47 AM

This is such an amazing idea, and I just LOVE what she is doing.  Seeing a smile on these kiddos faces’ is an amazing gift to everyone involved.  The Adventures of “But Mom” is going to contribute some stickers for sure 🙂

If you would like to contact Danielle about getting your child(ren) into the group, or to donate you can contact her at her group page: Autism Love

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Top 5 Tuesdays: Thoughts From a Mom With A Child With Special Needs

Parenting is HARD.  Parenting a child with special needs comes with it’s own set of challenges.  Every day, I wake up, still not sure how the days is gonna go.  There are so many thoughts that go through my head.  In today’s Top 5 Tuesdays, I am going to talk about the Top 5 thoughts that go through my head as a mom with a child with special needs.

  1. Am I Doing Enough???  This is one of those thoughts that EVERY mom has.  We wonder if there is more that we could be doing, we wonder if we are spending enough time with our kids, showing them enough love, and allowing them to spread their wings when appropriate.  I also wonder, am I expecting too much (or not enough) from her.  Is there anything I can do to make things easier for her.
  2. Will This Ever Get Easier???    I cringe typing this.  I am not desiring “easy” however, there are days when I feel so bad that by bedtime, I’m just DONE.  Some days we are counting down the hours to bedtime BEFORE naps.  I try to be patient, I try to breathe and just think about how before long she will be older and understand better, this will be easier, and I’ll miss these days.
  3. How Do I Help Her Deal With People???   People can be CRUEL.  How do I help her overcome the stigma???  How do I make sure she keeps a positive outlook and good self esteem??? How do I keep from sheltering her or making life worse by losing it when people DO break her heart???
  4. What If We Lose Therapy???   As a parent, we fight for every imaginable service we can to make sure our kiddos get the maximum out of life.  Losing therapy is scary.  We fought to get her therapy through early intervention, and then she aged out, and we have been out of therapy for a little over two months now.  No one really explained to me how fast things could go downhill (I was told that it was recommended I find therapies somewhere) we start therapies back on Thursday  I am so happy.  The thought of losing them at any time, EVER, before we officially don’t need them anymore scares the daylights out of me.
  5. What If Things Don’t Get Better???   I hate to think so negatively.  This is not something that is easy to think about, but what happens if we can’t get her able to completely function on her own as a young adult??  What are our options??? Please don’t let this actually happen.

So there you have it, 5 thoughts I have as a mom of a child with special needs.  My life is crazy, even scary at times, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Have you ever had any of these thoughts???

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Welcome to Sensational Sunday!!!

My oldest kiddo has sensory issues, a condition know as Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD.  I knew so very little about the senses that being handed this challenge has really taught me a lot.  I have been wanting to do this series for a while now, and this month seems like the perfect time to start.

First of all, let me start out by explaining that SPD is NOT in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Mental Disorders) and so therefore many people either haven’t heard of it or don’t believe it exists.  I have seen first-hand how this has affected my daughter.  According to the website Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support  Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) is a brain based problem that affects approximately five percent of school-aged children.  Basically it is the inability to process sensory stimuli correctly.  Some people are OVER-responsive (avoiders),  to those people everything feels like it is exaggerated.  I music is “louder” than it actually is, sensitivity to touch, smell, light, and taste can all be exaggerated as well.  There are those who are UNDER-responsive (seekers) who tend to NOT be as sensitive to sound, touch, taste, smell, and light (sight).  Whether a child is OVER, UNDER, or a mixture of the 2, these children (and adults) have a hard time dealing with daily tasks.

Starting next week, I want to spend a few weeks going over each of the 7 senses (Yes, that is right, there are 7 NOT just 5) and try to shed some light about how and why these children may act or behave the way they do, and how we can help them live life to their fullest.

The 7 senses are:

  • Sight/Vision
  • Taste/Oral
  • Touch/Tactile
  • Smell/
  • Hearing/Auditory
  • Vestibular/Balance
  • Proprioception/Kinesthetic 

Next week we will tackle the sense of vision and learn what it is, and how SPD might affect this sense.

I will leave you with a look at some common sensory issues:

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