Goals CAN Become a Reality: GREATER The Movie


Negativity is everywhere. We look through social media, or the news, or pretty much anywhere and see the negativity in the world today. I myself often find moments where I feel as though I have lost all faith in humanity. It is a hard cruel world and if we seek out the negative, we will find it.  This is why we need more stories of courage, faith, and generosity in our world. Look no further.


GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. Brandon wanted to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks more than anything. He was written off by coaches and players because of his lack of skills. This did not stop him, though. He got up early, and worked hard on and off the field.

I’ve watched the trailer… it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

GREATER releases in theaters Today!!!

Stories like this, remind us that if we believe, with the right people in our lives, we can meet any goal we set.

I have known this to be true. You see, as a mom of a child with developmental delays, I have seen vast improvements in short amounts of time. When the right people are involved, the success is amazing.

We have seen our oldest go from barely talking, to never getting a moments peace. 😉  She has went from bouncing all over the place. All. Day. Long. To being able to realize some of the time that she needs certain stimulation to calm down, and can do this on her own.

Recently, we went through 10 weeks of feeding therapy which has my little girl eating whole apples and trying eggs and even veggies from time to time. This was a major goal for us. I am proud to say this area is much better, because the right people were there to help.

Greater, is an AMAZING movie and it comes out today in theaters everywhere. I am looking forward to watching it, and looking forward to hearing what others think about it.

Isn’t it time we see more inspirational stories in the media???

This was a sponsored post by Grace Hill Media. I received compensation for my post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was given a gift card to give away to someone who has inspired our family. Stay Tuned on Social Media to find out who gets this gift card and why 🙂



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Spring has Sprung: My Goals for the Next 3 Months

My Goals for March-May 2016


Today is February 28, and it is going to be 61* in North East Indiana. I’m so excited for spring, and I’m so excited for where our family is going in life as a whole.  Today, with just 3 weeks until spring “officially” begins, I want to talk about my goals over the next 3 months.

There is something beautiful about all things spring. I’m addicted to thunderstorms, and the pitter-patter of rain on the roof of the trailer, I love days that are warm enough to comfortably head out-doors with the kiddos and explore the world around us, and I love seeing the new life everywhere.  All of these things give me the desire to set goals for the next 3 months.

Family Goals:

So as a family, we have decided on a few goals that we would like to accomplish.  These aren’t crazy over board, but definitely some things that setting goals for will help.

  1. Yard Work.  Now I’m not a big fan of yard work, which is why I feel like this is an important goal to set. It’s not so much about accomplishing the yard work, but rather making our yard work for us as much as possible.  With Nana being older now, I feel like we are in a much better position to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. I’d like to create an area in the yard just for the kids, and also add in an area for a rock garden (hey I am NOT a green thumb, but a garden = less yard to mow, plus it will be a nice place to sit and relax in the morning before kids get up, or in the evening after the kids are in bed).
  2. Savings Goals. Now to be totally honest, I’m a shopaholic spend to much money kinda girl. There is something so comforting about seeing other people happy and, sadly, I don’t have a money tree nearby (if any of you find one, could you point me in the direction to get one?) I was thinking about the amount of money I spent this month on things we didn’t necessarily “need” and I decided that instead of doing what I normally do to give me great feelings of satisfaction and joy, I needed a visual and set a goal.  We now have 4 different “savings” goals.  I’m looking forward to seeing if the blank thermometers I printed off the net can actually be enough to keep me saving for these things, I sure hope so 😉
  3. Clutter Clean-up. For those of you who don’t know, I spent the first 8 years of my life living in a hoarder home. My dad was a hoarder, there is now way around that one.  I’m not sure how my mom did it as long as she did. Having lived that way during my most impressionable time in my life, it is almost “normal” to just step over stuff, move stuff from one surface to the next, and just generally continue to accumulate stuff we don’t need. This spring, I plan to start working on getting 2 boxes out a week: 1 to donate and 1 to throw away.  My goal is to have a house we can LIVE in and not feel BURIED by.

Personal Goals:

  1. Walking. My first personal goal is to spend at least 20 minutes a day walking in our neighborhood. I will still continue my workouts (that I haven’t messed with because everyone has been sick and then as soon as I feel better it starts over again *sigh*) but I feel like getting out of the house and being by myself for 20 minutes (or longer) a day is only going to help me in the long run.  I’m also not planning to wake up any earlier, or skip something else for ME, I’m just going to pick a time when I know everyone’s needs are met, tell “But Dad” I’m going for a walk, alone, and head out the door. Hopefully writing this here will help keep me accountable 🙂
  2. Reading. I bought 5 books last month. I found books I really wanted to read, and I know that reading is a much better way to unwind then playing my beloved jeweled game on my phone (there IS a time and place for that however). Now, it’s just getting myself into the routine of reading for a bit before bed *sigh*
  3. Freezer Cooking.  Now this one may seem like it should be a “family” goal, but, if I’m honest, I would be the one who would benefit from spending 1-2 days a week and making enough dinners for the next 1-2 weeks and then storing them to be pulled out later and fixed.  Getting myself on a schedule where I can shop one day, prep the next and then assemble the 3rd would be ideal, and it would eliminate the need to run and get pizza and make peanut butter and jelly 4 times a week. BIG goal right here.

The Blog:

  1. Monthly Mental Health Link Up. You will be seeing this for the first time this Friday. I’m excited to be hosting my very first link-up and it will be centered around mental health.  This means if you are a blogger and would like to link up here, you are more than welcome. Post must have some sort of mental health theme, these include: sharing a story about mental illness, interviews with yourself or someone else who is dealing with a mental illness, Self care tips, posts about postpartum care and postpartum depression. Pretty much if it has to do with staying mentally healthy, or dealing with mental health issues, it’s linkable 🙂  Look for the first one this Friday.
  2. My First Book. I am really wanting to write a book of stories centering around mental health. I feel like this is a topic that isn’t talked about nearly enough, and I know that through sharing stories we can help others who are in search of help. At the moment, my plan is to do 10 stories (10 different people’s stories) per book, and if I get more than 10 that would like to share, I’ll gladly make a 2nd and/or 3rd and so on. I am also wanting to make a short book on tips from people who are living with/working with people with mental illness and also parents who have children dealing with mental illness. These are lofty goals, however, I’m really looking forward to putting my heart and soul into this project.

So there you have it, these are my Spring Goals for 2016. Looking forward to seeing what happens when I work toward these goals What are your goals for spring???

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Top 5 Tuesdays: Family Goals


Top 5 Tuesdays winter

This has been so much fun, and so thought provoking in the last week.  A big thanks to Phyllis over at Verified Mom for hosting this Word a Day blogging challenge.  I am behind, but working hard to catch up this week.  The next word in the Word a Day challenge is: Family.  I thought about this long and hard and all the different perspectives I can show, but, it IS Tuesday, and so I am going to turn THIS into my Top 5 Tuesdays today and talk about “Family Goals”

A little background, I am in no way an expert on “goal setting”, I do however know, that unless you have goals, you really have nothing you are striving for in life.  It’s hard to write a goal when more than one person is involved as well, since to have a “group goal” everyone needs to understand and agree on the goal and the outcome at the end.  It gets even harder when some of those people are little and don’t understand.  I have been working on this for a few days now as a way to help our family hit different levels in life,  Ever hear the saying “there’s got to be more”???  Sometimes, you have to work through areas in your life to get to the more, and THAT is where our family goals are coming into play.  I am going to give you 5 steps to making and achieving your “family goals”

1 .Determine Your Path as a Family. This has 2 steps really.  First, you need to figure out where you are as a family.  What is working, what isn’t, and focus on the good at the point you are at right now.  Example: My family is growing (as in my kids are getting bigger), we know potty training is just around the corner.  We are blessed that we get to stay home, so potty training won’t be as hard for us, like it is for some.   Step 2 is to figure out where you WANT to be, and determine a WHY. Example: We know we would love to have both our littles potty trained.  It will save us time, money, and also help our littles be more independent.

2. Pick a Goal to Work On.  I kind of already gave you the example we have (there are lots of other goals we could and will be working on).  You have to choose one goal and make it something you feel is achievable.  If you think the goal you have is to lofty, could you break it down into smaller goals???  Potty training for us is a smaller step toward being able to leave the house easier, go more places, as well as spend less on a sitter to maybe have a date night as a couple.   In families with older kids, this goal should be seen as something positive, and everyone should agree.  If a goal is getting help around the house, the parents might come to the kids and list: spending more time doing fun stuff (movies, game nights, outings) as a family, happier parents which means a happier environment at home, (maybe even) earning money from chores to buy things they want. Keeping the goal positive and showing everyone what is in it for them as well will help get them excited and want to be involved in the process.

3. Write Out a Plan. This will mean different things for different people.  For me, it means writing out what we are trying to achieve and then writing out steps to get us to that point.  We are starting out putting our kiddos on the potty at predetermined times and rewarding them when they potty.  From there, we will move to allowing them to tell us when they have to go, and rewarding that  (still keeping the predetermined times, until they no longer seem appropriate). The last step is to lessen the amounts an frequency of the rewards, until going potty is just as natural as taking a drink, or playing with a toy.  I am choosing steps that will work for us, and that will give us the desired outcome.  Your steps will vary based on the age of those involved, and you may even get some input from older kids as to what the steps should be. Helping to create the plan will give ownership and keep everyone vested in achieving the goal.

4. Set Plan into Motion and Reward Progress.  Each plan will have it’s own reasonable way to measure the success of said goal.  You can choose rewards in the Write Out a Plan step, or, you can surprise your family and reward based on effort spontaneously.  Some of this will depend on the goal itself since some goals have built in rewards: helping around the house, makes parents happier and that could mean a “Yes” or “maybe” instead of a “No” next time kids ask for something.  It could also mean more time to spend as a family and do fun things.  However, giving allowance or money for chores done, can be another reward as well.  Where as in our case with potty training, the reward needs to be established up front in order for the littles to understand and WANT to work toward the reward.  Regardless of how you reward, rewarding efforts toward achieving the goal keeps everyone on track and makes the change a more pleasant one.

5. Celebrate Achievement.  Once you have achieved the goal, make a big deal out of it.  Have ice cream for dinner, or, make everyone’s favorite meal/dish. Make sure to thank everyone for their efforts and talk about how excited achieving this goal makes you.  Give a a few days, and then start on the next goal (or next step in the broken down goal)

Family Goals-Because we should always strive to be better.

So, there you have it, my guide to making “family goals”.  I hope this helps you tackle that next step in life your family wants/needs to take.

Do you make “Family Goals”???

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Straight From My Heart: Welcome 2016

Straight From My Heart Basic

Today is the 3rd day of the New Year.  I have been enjoying the last 2 weeks of doing nothing while being sick and/or taking care of my family who has been sick, and having some TRUE down time.  Yes, I know that maybe some might think I’m crazy, but I’m dreading the hustle and bustle that will come in the morning and the demands that come with “Normal Life”.

That being said, I am also SUPER excited for where life is going to go in 2016.  I have a lot being added to my plate this year, and while, in some ways it makes me absolutely terrified, at the same time, I’m anxious to dive into it all and get started, to see the fruits of my effort, and to be proud of what my family and I have accomplished in the year to come.

I’ll be doing my reflection post on Friday (which I know is backward, but it fits my life to a tee).  So, let’s look ahead.  In my personal life, I am NOT looking to start some MAJOR “Healthy Lifestyle” like I normally do every January.  I instead am adding in little changes to my daily routine which will add up to a healthier lifestyle when all is said and done.  I’m working on scheduling more “Me” and more “work” time into our daily grind, and also some very regular “family” time into the daily mix.

The girls will BOTH be in school next fall.  Kira will be going 5 days a week and Nana will be going 2.  This means that we need to spend our time wisely from now until the fall and get as much fun in as possible (how is it possible I am already thinking about being bogged down by “school” when my youngest just turned TWO???  When and How did that happen… lol )  I plan to have at least 1 fun “Family” adventure per month, and continue the trend until the kids are adults.

Now, as far as the blog, I am not only looking into adding 2 days worth of post a week, one will be a free post, or for guest posts and the other will be more geared toward things happening locally and reviews of local businesses that are family friendly.  I am also looking into starting a YouTube channel by this summer.  So many amazing things going on this year, and I am sooo excited to see where each of these ventures takes us.

So, Welcome 2016.  May this year bring about all of the amazingness life has to offer!!!

What are you looking forward to in 2016???

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Top 5 Tuesdays: Top 5 Goals for 34


I have been doing a lot of serious and heartfelt posts lately, and while I LOVE that I am able to do that, I really am excited to be able to tone it down a bit with seriousness and have some fun,  Tomorrow is my Birthday, and as I have said before I heart birthdays and believe that everyone should have a day where they are honored and fun stuff happens.  So, for the next 2 days my posts will have a more “Fun” appeal and less serious tone.  I know maybe goals seem very serious business to some, and while they ARE serious goals, I had a lot of fun thinking and dreaming about where I want my life to be in a years time.  Sooo… Here we go, my  Top 5 goals for 34.

1. Pamper Myself.  This is very important to me because 1) who doesn’t LOVE the feeling of being pampered, and feel much less stressed and happier as a result. 2) I want my girls to NOTICE me doing this as they get older, I want them to realize this as just a part of being a woman, and do the same without truly having to “make a goal” of it.  Every woman deserves to be pampered, and by doing something small each week, I hope it will become something my girls do for themselves more easily than I do it for myself.

2. Quality Time With Family.  I think we have all had this goal at one point or another, but I am noticing that as the blog picks up, as I am finding my voice and writing more and also engaging with other blogs more, I have less time.  I know there really is no real way around this, since time is time and it can’t stop or be rewound.  This year my goal is to spend more QUALITY time with each of my girls separately and also “But Dad”.  Spending quality time is much better than just going through the motions, and as the girls get older I’ll get to help them explore their own interests as well as help them understand a bit more of the world around them, AND as an added bonus, when I spend quality time with “But Dad” as well it balances our family and everyone is happier and less stressed.  SUPER WIN right there.

3. Causes.  I am not going to spend a lot of time on this, other than saying that I feel like I need to be giving back to the causes I support, and I plan on doing that not only through money, but time, and other ways such as awareness blog posts and also engaging in fundraisers and other community events.  Getting out of my comfort zone for sure, but, it is something I feel I need to be doing at this point for all areas of my life.

4. Blog.   I’m sure you all knew that my blog would be on here somewhere.  I really am excited about where this blog has gotten to in the last 2 months.  I feel a large responsibility now which really is a good thing.  In days and months past, I felt as if I was really just blogging for myself and so if I didn’t post for a month or 2 it was simply just how it was.  Now I am excited to share with my awesome followers our journey, and also have the chance to help others in the process. I am looking forward to our community growing this year, and also to bringing you all great content AND great causes to learn about and support. I know that wasn’t hugely clear there, so goal for blog is growth.

5. Starting my Healthy Living Journey.  Now I have been on this roller coaster of ups and downs on the “healthy living” front for YEARS now.  Truth is, I really just need to make tweaks to my life to start living healthier so I have more energy to have fun with the family, but ALSO so that my girls can learn these GOOD habits and not struggle the ways that I have.  I am NOT going all out on this diet or that diet and I’m not making all the changes at once.  Baby steps for this mama and I’m looking forward to the progress as the year unfolds.

So there you have it, my top 5 goals for 34.  I have to say I am really excited and looking forward to this year.  I know amazing things are going to happen, and I can’t wait to see what those things are!!!

Do you use birthdays as a time for goal setting???

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A More Serious Tone: Where the Blog is Headed for the Rest of the Year.

First thing I’d like to say is, this blog and my followers are AMAZING, and I love you all dearly, which is why lately I have been working hard to bring you daily posts and set up that desire that you guys all come back to see what’s new every day.  I know this is probably close to the most consistent I have been in a while, and for that I apologize.  However,  it has occurred to me that no matter how “good” I get at balance, I am going to need an official day off.  A day to be with my family, and a day to recharge and be able to bring my readers more great content.  So starting tomorrow, I will be unplugging from blog work and social media during my children’s waking hours on Sunday.

What does this mean for this blog’s community?  It means I will have 1 full day to do fun things with the kids, that will probably end up with much better blog posts.  It means I will have 1 day off, and I’ll have 5-6 working days (during the holiday season I’ll be taking Saturdays off as well) a week to pour out my heart and soul into this blog and make it an AMAZING place, without feeling guilty that I am leaving my followers with nothing.

I guess I am writing this post as a public confirmation to myself that I am going into this with more of a serious tone.  I will no longer be a “hobby” blogger, this will be my “job” (not that it is a job, I honestly LOVE blogging), and because of this I will be bringing you better content more often.  What can my readers look forward to the rest of the year?  Ideas for kids crafts, recipes, posts on parenting and tips on parenting a child with special needs, posts on mental health, posts on family traditions & holidays.  We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up.  I am thrilled to be able to share this all with you.  

I’m excited for where we are going.  Okay, now on to my number 1 job, spending time with my kids.  What do YOU do on your day off???

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