Setting Up a Candy Buffet for Those With Food Allergies


If your kids are anything like mine, then you have been asked a time or 2 to have a candy buffet at a party. I tend to shy away from them because it seems these days everyone has a different allergy. Thanks to the folks over at Sweet Services who have brought us some tips on setting up a Candy Buffet when guests have food allergies.

Candy buffets are very popular right now, They are fun and beautiful, and they replace the cakes at a party and the goodie bags filled with plastic. However, even with something as easy as a candy buffet, there is an unseen danger. That danger is food allergies. If you are a parent of a child with allergies, you know that heartbreaking look you see when the other kids are indulging on things they can only dream of. With that in mind, let’s try to make a cool candy buffet that all the kids enjoy.


First, as a responsible parent, inquire with each if your guest and see who has allergies.

You will probably find several children who cannot have peanuts or tree-nuts or their products. Some children will not be able to eat chocolate or any candy with milk products. Gluten (wheat) free products are also very important. While a lot of people reach for sugar-free, there are a few people who cannot eat artificial sweeteners.


Armed with your list, contact your favorite bulk candy supplier and let them awe you with a solution list that is equally impressive. How you stage your candy buffet is your choice. It is wise to use a two-color scheme and a theme of the table. It is wise to set up one section of the table with food-allergy friendly foods. Labeling is essential, so the front of the table is a good choice. Unless you intend on making the entire table allergy-free.


Provide a few anti-allergy goodie bags for children to take home (Consider labeling the back of the bag, “candy made without tree-nut products, artificial sweeteners, and milk products”)


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Tree-nut / Peanut-free candy

Natural gummy candies and jelly beans



Wonka’s Nerds and Nerd Ropes

Dum Dum Lollipops

Tootsie Rolls (or any product made by Tootsie)

Now and Laters

Pop Rocks





Gluten & Casein Free Candy


Cotton candy

Double-Bubble Gum



Haribo – Gold bear minis


Pixie Stix

Conversation hearts

Jelly beans

Variety of flavors of pops and suckers

Candy buttons

Candy Necklaces

Ring pops

Hard candy such as life savers

Jolly Ranchers

Orange and Cream Chews

Super sour straws


Use clear jars to display candy. Cover boxes with fabric or foil and use the boxes to raise or lower the jars. Read the labels and keep them in a spiral notebook for anyone else to read. Use scoops in the jars for easier retrieval. Consider keeping some dried fruit on the table for an all natural treat. Gluten free cereals make a pretty display and many parents consider this a staple item. This gives younger children a few options too.


With a little planning and the right supplier, your candy buffet will make any party beautiful and exciting. Use colorful balloons or ribbons or color hung behind the table for a beautiful backdrop. Use designer candy on display for your centerpiece or any bright theme item.

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Top 5 Tuesdays: Top 5 Kid Friendly Holiday Decor. 12 Days of Blogmas.

Top 5 Tuesdays winter

Thanks to Joanna from Motherhood & Merlot and Julie from Girl on the Move Blog for putting together the 12 days of Blogmas.  Check out their sites to see the link up and tons of other holiday posts.

I HEART the Holidays.  From Halloween all the way through New Years and we can even tack Valentines Day in there as well.  It is like an amazingly warm hug-filled few months with TONS of fun stuff to do, and gorgeous decorations.  Before I had kids I used to collect my ceramic and porcelain snowmen figurines, and village scenes and the whole 9 yards.

Now that I have littles that are at the age where they want to touch EVERYTHING and they don’t quite understand what “breakable” means, I rarely put any of the collectable or breakable stuff up.  At first I was a little upset missing the true “Decor” of the season, but now it is really a fun new challenge to find decor the kids can make and that also will hold up to them and look amazing.  Here are my Top 5 so far on this journey with littles.

  1. Coffee Filter Snowflakes.  We have all seen these made.  My youngest rips the corners and spots out of the middle when folded.  My older one is working on cutting anyway, so this is good practice for her, and beautiful decor to hang on the tree, tape on the walls or windows etc.
  2. Paper Chains.  This was a memory from MY childhood.  We used to make these every year, and I am looking forward to teaching my oldest how to make them this year.  Paper is cheap, so if it gets ripped we just replace the link or omit it and fix the chain and there you have it.
  3. Window Clings.  You knew these had to be on here, right???  I Love how cheap these are, and now they make them in “Build a Christmas Tree” and “Build a Snowman” which I can give to the girls and let them arrange, and rearrange them for hours, AND should they happen to decide they would rather roll the pieces into microphones and use them to sing “Jingle Bells”, well, they were less than a dollar, right???
  4. Cheap Garland.  Maybe you call it tinsel, I call that shiny sparkly stuff that is all strung together garland, AND, I pick it up for 1.00 a length of it.  It adds A LOT of sparkle and holiday feeling without the cost should a little decide it would make better confetti than window decor.
  5. “Present” Pictures.  I have done this for many years, and while I may not get to it THIS year (We have had a CRAZY busy month in November and are still trying to recover from that) it is definitely a way to make the house look festive while not spending much AND being fairly safe from the kiddos.

So there you have it, My Top 5 Holiday Decor Safe For Kids list.  I know there are others, and honestly, we are throwing a special post up today which is going to be ANOTHER kid friendly project with holiday decor

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Real Life Fridays: Calm Down Bottles???

Real Life Fridays

My girls have been on the crazier side of Out-of-control for a while now.  After looking up all kinds of ideas for helping them to calm down and listen better, I decided we needed some Calm Down Bottles in our lives.  I found the idea (several times over) on Pinterest, and after going through several blogs I settled on one post by Preschool Inspirations that contains the recipes for making these 6 different ways.

I’ll admit I am not the most crafty of people, and so I was a little intimidated at the thought of using so much glitter, I could just imagine my entire house sparkling like it was an episode of Cribs or something.  I decided that these were too good of an idea to pass up.  I went and got all the supplies for these at Walmart, and it was fairly simple. I got 2 bottles of Sparking Ice because the bottles were taller and skinny and would fit better in toddler-sized hands.  I got light (clear) corn syrup, glitter glue, glitter, and we already had some food coloring at home.

I won’t give you all the step by step instructions, as you can go to the link mentioned above and read through and figure out which bottle you want to make and then at the bottom of that same post they have a “Trouble-shooting guide” which helped out a TON in making these.  I will say that for these I used recipe number 3 to make ours and I did have to add a little bit of dish soap to it as it states in the trouble shooting so that the glitter didn’t clump as badly.

So, here is the finished product.

I used Loctite Super Glue Gel.  A small tube did both of the bottles. Then I let them sit for about 36 hours.  My heart was literally skipping beats at the thought of handing my girls these glittery bottles, but I did it anyway.

They look as if they are a success, right???  Well, almost a success.  What isn’t pictured here, just shortly after giving them the bottles my kiddos stripped (they do this ALL. THE. TIME. I mean, who wears clothe inside???) and then soon after they were hitting the bottle into: the couch, the walls. my desk, my filing cabinet.  *SIGH*  It was a great try, and I will definitely enjoy looking at them, maybe once they become more of a part of our regular routine the girls will just sit down and watch them???

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Introducing: Fabulous & Fun Fridays- Pizza and Movie Night!!!


Welcome to Fabulous & Fun Fridays.  I will be trying to continue this series throughout the rest of the year giving you Fabulously Fun ideas for your weekend.

It’s September, that means back to school and a time when weekends really matter again.  Why not spend some time making a meal together as a family.  This weekend, I will be letting my littles help with Pizza & Cookie Night.  This is sure to be a HUGE mess, but will make memories, and I am super excited to do this.

Our afternoon will start with making cookies in the late afternoon, followed by making pizzas and then round off with one of our new movie we got.  We will be doing this some time within the weekend, and next Friday I’ll have the pictures of this weeks Fabulous & Fun idea.

Who’s joining us in this fun weekend idea???

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