Organization: The FUN and Easy Way!!!

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“Honey, do you know where my ___ is” I hear this at least 5 times a day. Sometimes it happens without a word being said, as “But Dad” is furiously rifling through his crazy end table area, I stand up, head over to the area, and either find it, or he finds it as soon as I make it over to him.  This happened ALL. THE. TIME.  Thinking how crazy it is to be the “only one” who can find ANYTHING in this house, I decided we needed more organization, and we need it FAST!!!

I have been eyeballing products from a company called Clever Container for a while now. They are a lesser known Direct Sales company (I love supporting small business owners) that has amazing organizational tools and products. One day, I saw a post in my Facebook news feed for them again, and I got all excited, maybe THIS is the answer. I got in touch with the lady who posted, and after about 2 weeks of careful thought and decision making, I decided to join the company, get a bunch of products to use right off the bat, and then have a few parties a month in order to support my new organizing goals.

Once I got my starter kit, I almost immediately had a place for everything in the kit. I’m IN LOVE with this stuff, and I am so happy I get to share these amazing products with my family, friends, and readers (whom I also consider friends).

Today I am going to share the Before & After of “But Dad’s” end table. Now, before you go all crazy on him, this has taken MONTHS to get THIS bad, however when you don’t have the right organizational tools, it’s hard to keep up on stuff.


After I threw out garbage, and rehoused items that didn’t belong there, I used a clear plastic bin to organize all the meds he takes daily, and added one of the stackable shelves to give him more space. Adding another container (temporarily a food storage container, but will be replaced with a smaller bin) to house miscellaneous stuff, I had finished the job. We are on Day 3 of this organization, and “But Dad” seems to enjoy being able to find things, and also is able to easily keep up the organization.

There you have it!!! A great organized area where he can find and get to anything he needs easily. Happy Father’s Day indeed!!!


Do you have an area you just can’t get organized??? Maybe a room??? Maybe you are like me and it’s the whole house???

Stay Tuned: I will be starting Monthly Challenge Groups where we will tackle 1 room at a time each month and get the Clutter and Chaos under Control.



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Top 5 Tuesdays: Finding Time For Everything.

Top 5 Tuesdays winter

As moms, I think we naturally tend to try to schedule MORE into our day than we can physically handle.  We have kids to tend to and teach, a house that needs cleaned, meals to make, places to be, things to do, OH and getting some “ME” time would be wonderful too.  HOW do you find time for Everything???

While I don’t feel like I fit it ALL in, I do feel like I fit everything that is most important to me, IN. Here are some tips for helping you “fit it all in”:

  1. Take Inventory of Your Time.  I think we are ALL guilty of this, “I’m done with the dishes, so I’m just going to check…” (insert social media site here).  Then before you know it an hour has passed and you didn’t even realize it.  Taking a day or 2 to really track what you are doing with your time can help you find pockets of time you can fill with more meaningful things.
  2. Make Use Of DownTime.  I’m sure you have heard this before, but there are usually several times when we are “forced” to be “unproductive” .  Waiting in line is a great example. Is there anything you need/want to get done that you could keep with you do to while you are “waiting” for something???  Doctor’s offices are notorious for LONG waits, I try to spend one on one time with my kids during the wait.  We are there anyway, and watching a couple dinosaur videos with my oldest and then talking about them not only helps us forget about the waiting, but it serves to increase our bond.
  3. Assign Tasks to Different Days. It could be you feel like you are having trouble achieving balance on a daily basis.  I had to learn that some days, just aren’t good to get everything in.  Monday in our house is the busiest day right now because my oldest has preschool and then about 2 hours later, my youngest has speech therapy.  I’ve tried EVERY configuration of “Making it work” and filling those couple hour spaces with productive action, but, it never fails, we are late, or one of the kids throws a fit I have to deal with.  Mondays now are just Preschool, Therapy, and Needs.  The morning is dedicated to getting the oldest ready for school, we come home and I’ll relax, clean up a bit from the morning craziness, and then before I know it, it’s time to go get my oldest.  Afternoon consists of lunch, some quiet time, and therapy, then a late dinner and an early bedtime since my kids normally play through nap time (thus the reason I call it “Quiet Time”).  I have tried to fit a trip to the store in there, or extra cleaning in there… it just doesn’t work.  I have switched grocery day to Wednesday and Thursday (3 different stores) and then Tuesday is my house cleaning day since we only have Dr appointments that day as of right now.  I get stuff DONE, but not a little bit every day, instead, I do things in big chunks on certain days.  Saturdays are meal prep and family time, and Sunday I devote to catching up on blog stuff.  It works, somehow.
  4. Delegate Some Responsibilities. Maybe it is making dinner 1 or 2 days a week, or cleaning a room, sweeping a floor, or cleaning the toilet.  In our house “But Dad” cleans the toilet, the girls are responsible (to some extent) for keeping toys in their rooms. Occasionally “But Dad” will cook.  As the girls get older sweeping the kitchen, cleaning their own table off, and wiping the bathtub out will be responsibilities given over to them.  Every little bit helps.  I never worry about the bathroom since I know “But Dad” has the toilet taken care of, and I can easily pull the shower curtain and wipe out the sink.  Knowing that it is someone else’s responsibility (even if you have to remind them)  eases the “I have to do everything” load and frees up time to get other stuff done.
  5. Know Your “Bottom Line”.  I don’t think I (personally anyway) have ever seen THIS piece of advice given on any post, however knowing what your “bottom line” is, will help you get over what can’t get done.  I write out my “To Do List” and that gives me a starting point.  I have everything I’d LIKE to get accomplished on there.  When craziness ensues and I get behind, I go to my list and do triage.  What can be done tomorrow? What can I skip all together?  Can someone else do some of this? I keep on the list what I KNOW can’t go (meals, appointments, etc) then I decide how much and what stuff will stay on the list.  That night, I make the next days list off my circled items from that day.  Things get done, and I can feel good knowing I have done what I could.

So there you have it, my Top 5 Tips for getting it “all” done.  I’m learning to be more flexible and having these guidelines to go by helps me to realize it doesn’t all have to be done “at once” in order to all be done.

What are your tips for getting stuff done???

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