Managing Monday: Closet Clutter

Welcome to another Managing Monday!!! I’m excited since it’s starting to get warmer (although we have a Winter Weather Advisory for snow today) and Spring is in the air. Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning. I have a lot to declutter and that has been on my mind pretty heavy lately. We have so much stuff and really no room for it all. So Today I want to give you a tip on clutter cutting!!!

Clutter can make things seem so much harder than they have to be. The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to clean. The more you have, the harder it is to find stuff. And, the more you have, the more decisions you have to make (or the more choices you have at least).

The best tip I can give you, is to focus. Pick one area and work on that area until you have it the way you want and can keep it that way. Start small, pick 1 thing each day to donate or throw away if need be, but make it consistent and keep at it until it is done.

This week, in my VIP group on Facebook, I’ll be talking about closet clutter. Join my VIP Group Here for more tips and to see the 5 Day Closet Clutter Challenge.

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  1. Yes! It’s so hard as a multi-tasking momma to focus on one thing when there’s a bajillion other things that need done too. I also think that a weekly list, with 1-2 small tasks per day helps my mind to focus, just knowing that things are written down to be done.

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