Managing Monday: Organizing Your Morning Routine

It’s Monday again!!! Mondays can be very dreadful for some people. Is it the rush coming off a relaxed weekend??? Or is it the fact that for lots of people it means doing stuff they don’t want to do???  One thing is for sure, lots of people HATE Mondays.  What can we do to change that??? Would it make a difference in your day if your morning went smoothly???

I have some amazing ideas to help you get through your morning peacefully.

  1. Get Yourself Ready First.  For some this is already implemented, but if you are trying to get ready while getting your kids ready, READ THIS!!! I used to be the mom that got the kids ready first, parked them in front of a T.V. and then got ready myself. This seemed so logical to me, get the hardest part (motivating the kids) out of the way, and then worry about myself. However, this led to many a day I went out without a shower or even time to “get dressed”. Talk about showing up somewhere in your PJ’s.  Now, I get up before the kids, take a shower and get completely dressed before I even get them out of bed.  I feel alive and like a human instead of a crazy tired mommy, and I have more energy to get them ready.
  2. Employ Some Organizational Tools To Help. One thing I know, most kids love novelty, and if not, they will love the structure this creates once they get used to it. Let me show you 3 items that can help your morning go smoother

    Item to help your mornings

    First up is the Sweater Cubby. This is great for freeing up drawers by folding sweaters and sweat shirts and storing them in this hanging shelves. However, imagine using each shelf to hold each days outfit. It would be amazingly easy to get your clothes to get ready in the morning. TIP: If you use this for your kids, let them pick out which outfits they want to wear which days and put them in the correct order. It’s harder (although they will probably still try) to argue when you made the decision yourself.

    Next is a great help for keeping make-up in one spot. The Drawer Manager/Morning Manager combo can make finding things on a crowded counter top so much easier. I know this is a bit more help for parents and teens, however, just think about how much easier and neater the counter and drawers will be. When it’s neater in general, there are less excuses of “I can’t find my toothpaste”.

    My last tool is the Folder Holder. This makes a great addition to a command center or launch pad. I LOVE the idea of a Launch Pad, and I’m still trying to figure out a way to make one in my own home. Having the Folder Holder will give you an, “at a glance” way of checking for papers that need to be signed, and even a place to put home work so it doesn’t get forgotten.

  3. Make A Launch Pad/Command Center. I have seen these as 1 and I have also seen people have 2, a Launch Pad, where things go that need to make it out the door in the morning. A Command Center, which has a calendar with everyone’s schedule and activities, memo pad for leaving notes, grocery list, and other things needed to keep the home running smoothly. I have a work Command Center which has a wipe-off calendar, place for notes and magnets to keep important stuff hung up where I can see it.  Looking into adding a Launch Pad soon as well. You can see how both would be useful for remembering important meetings and dates, being able to just grab that grocery list on the way out, and having everything you need right by the door to grab before you leave.

Mornings can be hard when you don’t have the proper tools and tactics. Using just 1 of these can help significantly in making mornings much smoother. Do you use any of these currently??? Which one are you excited to try???

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