Great STEM Activities for Your Children

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It’s STEM week! I am a HUGE supporter of STEM. My kids are still super young, so we look for different sensory play activities and creative activities that we can start to introduce STEM through. I feel like laying the ground work for this while they are young will help them enjoy other STEM activities as they get older. The STEM fields are amazing fields to work in. I can only hope they may enjoy the field so much they may make this a career path.

Weather you prefer STEM, or STEAM (tossing in some Arts!), Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all crucial to learning about and participating in the modern era. And there is so much FUN to be had while diving into these subjects.

I’ve rounded up a great resource for each discipline – whether or not these are perfect for your little ones, there are wonderful resources out there to inspire young girls and boys.

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S is for Science: The Magic School Bus Science Kit


This is one of the most sought-after subscriptions – and gifts that keep on giving. 12 complete kits for science experiments arrive at your door for one full year. Best of all, it’s 50% off right now and comes to $10/month. It’s an investment that pays dividends in fun and learning.

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T is for Technology: Learn to Mod – Minecraft


If you haven’t heard of Minecraft yet, come out from under the rock! The Minecraft world gets kids excited to build their own creations. I like this one because it’s a relatively affordable ($30, versus up to $300!) program that teaches children computer programming skills via Minecraft. If this one’s not right for your family, I highly recommend other Learn to Mod programs – or just google “Minecraft Coding” and dive in!

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E is for Engineering: Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit


This beautiful set gets kids using their hands, creating a bevy of tinker toys from different challenge cards. The sky’s the limit with this set that encourages design thinking that’s so important in the work force. But the best part is this is just fun.

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M is for Math: Life of Fred Math Books

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series

I can’t speak highly enough of this series of narrative-based math books. Kids learning addition to young adults in college benefit from one character’s journey through life encountering contextual math problems that make math make sense! Plus, cute. Check out the whole brand – there are even reading lessons with the same characters.

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I’m So excited for you to check these out. Let me know what some of your favorite STEM resources are as well in the comments below.

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