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Wow, I can’t believe it is almost September. Where did this year go??? I feel like life has been a crazy ride this year. I also feel like I have been somewhat distant from my readers. I apologize for that. I don’t like to write about things until I know they are certain. Therefore, I have been doing a lot of general talk. This fall, as things get a bit more certain, be on the look out for lots more “Behind the Scenes” stuff.

So where have we been and what are we up to??? The short answer, therapies and appointments. Both “But Dad” and I have been doing physical therapy 2 and 3 days a week. The oldest has been in behavior therapy and feeding therapy. Last, but not least, the youngest was in speech therapy. Add in Dr appointments and there was our summer.

There was a month when we had Physical Therapy 5 days a week for someone. I was going 3 days a week (Mon. Wed. Fri.) and “But Dad” twice a week on (Tues & Thurs). It was craziness. Add in 3 therapy appointments for my oldest and 1 for the youngest, and our parent helping meetings once a month for each child, we were BUSY.

I pleased to say, I will be graduating from PT on Thursday September 1st. “But Dad” will be done on the 7th of September, and we will only have 2 days a week with appointments. We pulled the oldest out of feeding therapy since she is doing much better. The youngest graduated from speech therapy. It has been an eventful summer.

So, what now??? Well, our days will become easier, but still busy. We are homeschooling preschool as many of you have read 4 days a week. We have Wednesday play dates and play dates every other Saturday. There are a few things in the works, but basically, this is our life now.

So, what about “But Mom”??? I will be working the blog, another side business and working on getting my weight under control. I have been on Plexus for about 6 weeks now, and love the changes it has made in my energy and overall health. I am also going to be working with Justin from Kettlebell Burn on exercise and diet. I have a tentative goal of losing 20 lbs by the end of the year, so we shall see.

So that is what is going on our way 🙂

Tell me about your summer in the comments. Anything interesting going on???

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