Goals CAN Become a Reality: GREATER The Movie


Negativity is everywhere. We look through social media, or the news, or pretty much anywhere and see the negativity in the world today. I myself often find moments where I feel as though I have lost all faith in humanity. It is a hard cruel world and if we seek out the negative, we will find it.  This is why we need more stories of courage, faith, and generosity in our world. Look no further.


GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. Brandon wanted to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks more than anything. He was written off by coaches and players because of his lack of skills. This did not stop him, though. He got up early, and worked hard on and off the field.

I’ve watched the trailer… it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

GREATER releases in theaters Today!!!

Stories like this, remind us that if we believe, with the right people in our lives, we can meet any goal we set.

I have known this to be true. You see, as a mom of a child with developmental delays, I have seen vast improvements in short amounts of time. When the right people are involved, the success is amazing.

We have seen our oldest go from barely talking, to never getting a moments peace. 😉  She has went from bouncing all over the place. All. Day. Long. To being able to realize some of the time that she needs certain stimulation to calm down, and can do this on her own.

Recently, we went through 10 weeks of feeding therapy which has my little girl eating whole apples and trying eggs and even veggies from time to time. This was a major goal for us. I am proud to say this area is much better, because the right people were there to help.

Greater, is an AMAZING movie and it comes out today in theaters everywhere. I am looking forward to watching it, and looking forward to hearing what others think about it.

Isn’t it time we see more inspirational stories in the media???

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