Organization: The FUN and Easy Way!!!

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“Honey, do you know where my ___ is” I hear this at least 5 times a day. Sometimes it happens without a word being said, as “But Dad” is furiously rifling through his crazy end table area, I stand up, head over to the area, and either find it, or he finds it as soon as I make it over to him. ┬áThis happened ALL. THE. TIME. ┬áThinking how crazy it is to be the “only one” who can find ANYTHING in this house, I decided we needed more organization, and we need it FAST!!!

I have been eyeballing products from a company called Clever Container for a while now. They are a lesser known Direct Sales company (I love supporting small business owners) that has amazing organizational tools and products. One day, I saw a post in my Facebook news feed for them again, and I got all excited, maybe THIS is the answer. I got in touch with the lady who posted, and after about 2 weeks of careful thought and decision making, I decided to join the company, get a bunch of products to use right off the bat, and then have a few parties a month in order to support my new organizing goals.

Once I got my starter kit, I almost immediately had a place for everything in the kit. I’m IN LOVE with this stuff, and I am so happy I get to share these amazing products with my family, friends, and readers (whom I also consider friends).

Today I am going to share the Before & After of “But Dad’s” end table. Now, before you go all crazy on him, this has taken MONTHS to get THIS bad, however when you don’t have the right organizational tools, it’s hard to keep up on stuff.


After I threw out garbage, and rehoused items that didn’t belong there, I used a clear plastic bin to organize all the meds he takes daily, and added one of the stackable shelves to give him more space. Adding another container (temporarily a food storage container, but will be replaced with a smaller bin) to house miscellaneous stuff, I had finished the job. We are on Day 3 of this organization, and “But Dad” seems to enjoy being able to find things, and also is able to easily keep up the organization.

There you have it!!! A great organized area where he can find and get to anything he needs easily. Happy Father’s Day indeed!!!


Do you have an area you just can’t get organized??? Maybe a room??? Maybe you are like me and it’s the whole house???

Stay Tuned: I will be starting Monthly Challenge Groups where we will tackle 1 room at a time each month and get the Clutter and Chaos under Control.



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