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It’s Wednesday again!!! Today, I have a bit of a different set up for you, on Working Together Wednesday. I was given the opportunity to preview The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity by Bev Feldman. So without further ado… Here we go!!!

Have you ever felt just completely and utterly stuck in a rut??? I think we all have at one time or another. I get in ruts for different areas in life. Sometimes it’s the “I need some new dinner ideas” sometimes it the “We need a new play area to go to” and sometimes it’s that my writing turns more into a job than anything fun or creative. I often talk about my blog as if it is my creative outlet, and a lot of the time it CAN be, there are those times when it just feels very forced (even when I’m passionate about a topic, it can feel confining at times).

At first, I felt guilty. I have the life of my dreams. I have a husband and 2 kids that adore me, and while we aren’t rich, we certainly don’t want for much. Why am I feeling like I need MORE??? Am I really THAT selfish of a person??? I am happy to say those feelings all came into perspective when I read Bev Feldman’s book. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity. This book written by an amazing blogger and creative was just what I needed to get out of the creativity rut.

Great workbook to help you make time for creativity

I haven’t finished the entire book yet, as we have all been sick on and off at this house for the last 6 weeks or so, however, from the exercises I have done so far, I have realized 1 thing… I had it wrong. I kept telling myself that this blog was my creative outlet and that all my spare “creative” time should be spent poured into it. I didn’t realize that I have been working myself into the ground in the name of “self care”. I’d spend hours “working” on my creative outlet, all the while feeling like I was drowning and never realized, I need a different outlet as well.

It is wonderful when you can do what you love for a living, and it takes a lot of the “working” feeling out of it, but, there is a very REAL difference between doing something creative for YOURSELF, and doing something creative for your “job”. This brings me to my newest idea. Starting next month, I will be hosting another month long link-up, this time it will be centered around trying something new. I’m not a very crafty person, but I have always wanted to be. So I am choosing to experiment, keep trying creative ideas and hopefully find some things I enjoy that I can add to my list. I’ll be sharing my results each month with you all and then including a link up for you to share your new creative ideas with others.

Bev’s book has been a tremendous asset to me, and I’d encourage you to check it out for yourself. You can find it on Amazon in either Paperback or on Kindle.

How do you find time for creativity???

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  1. Ooo, this book looks really interesting! Thanks for sharing! I try to make creative time for myself but it doesn’t always work. I think it helps when I can incorporate it into something I can do with my son (like if we’re both painting together or coloring together). Gardening is also a great creative outlet for me- building little fairy gardens or painting stones. I can do that outside while he’s playing on the swings!
    Debbie recently posted…Creative Uses for Colored ChalkMy Profile

  2. Oh, how I could identify with this! The “I’m sick of this playground” rut and “Arg, I’m sick of cooking the same thing for dinner” rut, as well as the creative rut that can come with having a creative business. I find having two creative aspects — the blogging & jewelry-making — as well as doing things that are completely unrelated to either help keep me sane.

    Thanks so much for sharing about my book and about your own experiences!
    Bev recently posted…4 simple activities to keep your tot entertained while you cookMy Profile

  3. Bev’s books sounds like something I’d really like. Just like you my blog can sometimes suck the life out of my instead of inspire me creatively, so I need to keep working on finding that balance! Thanks for posting about this book!!

  4. That is so true. I love writing, but when writing for the blog, it does become work and not an outlet all the time. It’s especially true when it comes to promotion, pictures, etc. I need to make more time for creative projects too. I take a dance class once a week which help fulfills some of it, but I really like to do art stuff like drawing and painting. I’m not sure how I can find more time, but I know I need to. Can’t wait for your link up!

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