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Happy Hump Day!!! Super excited to be sharing with you all today, on Working Together Wednesday, an Author, Jennifer Anzin, who writes amazing children’s books to help with Self-regulation and anti-bullying. I have read her books and they are amazing and truly worth looking into for sure. So without further ado, here we go…

1. Give us a quick intro of you and your family.

My name is Jennifer Anzin and I am a mother of two children: Aidan who is 14 years old and Sinead who is 20 years of age. My husband and I both work in social services. Professionally, I am an Early Childhood Consultant. I work with parents, teachers and other professionals in child care programs, nursery school programs and in transitions to school programs.  I work with children with special  needs: from speech/language issues, developmental and neurological issues to self-regulation issues and I also promote a variety of class-wide programs to promote cooperation, nurturing and anti-bullying in classrooms. (That is how this series of books came to be).

Author, Jennifer Anzin and her family
Jennifer Anzin- Family

2. What is your business/blog?

Within my professional experiences, I found that incorporating practical strategies in books and games to teach self-regulation skills, anti-bullying skills and empathy were very successful and therefore I wanted to create books (including strategies and games) that parents, teachers and other professionals could use to build foundation skills in children. On my website: I have two free e-books: “Arthur the Angry Engine” and “Frederick the Fire Truck”.  But I also wanted to publish some additional books and hence: “The Anger Train”, “The Incredible Shrinking Bullying”, “Devon the Digger’s Difficult Day”, “The Terrible Tantrums of Timmy the Truck” and “Goodbye Anger Monster” were born. They are available on amazon, for variable prices, depending which country you live in.
3. What is your best piece of advice?

I think my best piece of advice, for myself as well as others, is to never give up. Even if you fail, keep trying and no matter how hard it may be sometimes, believe in yourself. (I think of this whenever I think of these books. Over the years, I have seen and heard stories of too many children who are bullied and too many children who struggle with self-regulation yet, for activities to help teach younger children were few and far between. I believe that if we start with the smallest of us, we can be the change.)

4. Where can we find you? (like an email, or your social media networks)

You can find me at Thanks so much for listening and best wishes to everyone!

Thanks, Jennifer. These books are very easy for littles to understand and also really help to get through to any kids and help them to think about the topics of these books. Check them out for yourself.

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