Another Crazy Adventure: Our 5 Day Elimination Diet

I have always been at least a bit overweight.  I have always lacked the energy that others my age had.  I have been wondering for quite some time what exactly is going on in this body of mine.  The more I read stuff about SPD and ADD/ADHD (Kira has SPD and possibly ADD) the more I just can’t help but wonder if anyone (or everyone) in our house has food intolerances.  I keep thinking about various ways to do elimination diets and all of them seem to take so long and drag out, and I can’t put my family (or myself) through that kind of experimentation.

I’m not even sure why I thought about elimination diets today, however, in my online search (Google, Bing, and Yahoo have been my closest friends lately) for more information, I ran across this page which give a 5 day plan.  AWESOME!!!  I can do 5 days… my 2 year old can do 5 days.

So, starting on Monday we will be following the plan for 5 days.  It may not be a wonderful week, but I’m hoping maybe there will be a difference and we will be able to figure out who can eat what. Tomorrow I will be shopping for everything and I’ll post on my haul and my plan for the weeks prep (prepping the food ahead of time will ensure we actually eat it, and help us since next week is gonna be busy as well).

I am excited for next week, I know my family can do this, and hopefully we will come out with some much needed knowledge and ways to fix our diet.  

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