A New Beginning

I wrote the other day about needing to do things from my heart more and not the way I THINK I should do them.  What that being said, recently, my beloved blog was hacked and as I type this I am still trying to figure out how to get back into it.  I have been locked-out of it for about a week now, and it gave me some time to think.  What was I thinking about you might ask???  When I started “Adventures of But Mom” I wanted to become this blogger who had great content and offered practical tips and reviews and giveaways and… and… and…

I have become like the child who wants and wants and yes even wants some more.  So, I made a decision, I am switching over to a format I know more about.  Some place where I am not solely responsible for what goes on on my blog, and where if something is wrong, someone else can fix it.

I am not a techie, I won’t even pretend I know what I am doing.  I am a momma who wants to offer help and tips to other moms as well as creating a community where we can share the ups and downs that are parenting.  I am looking forward to the new direction this blog is taking.  Join with me in my new endeavor!!!

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