Setting Up a Candy Buffet for Those With Food Allergies


If your kids are anything like mine, then you have been asked a time or 2 to have a candy buffet at a party. I tend to shy away from them because it seems these days everyone has a different allergy. Thanks to the folks over at Sweet Services who have brought us some tips on setting up a Candy Buffet when guests have food allergies.

Candy buffets are very popular right now, They are fun and beautiful, and they replace the cakes at a party and the goodie bags filled with plastic. However, even with something as easy as a candy buffet, there is an unseen danger. That danger is food allergies. If you are a parent of a child with allergies, you know that heartbreaking look you see when the other kids are indulging on things they can only dream of. With that in mind, let’s try to make a cool candy buffet that all the kids enjoy.


First, as a responsible parent, inquire with each if your guest and see who has allergies.

You will probably find several children who cannot have peanuts or tree-nuts or their products. Some children will not be able to eat chocolate or any candy with milk products. Gluten (wheat) free products are also very important. While a lot of people reach for sugar-free, there are a few people who cannot eat artificial sweeteners.


Armed with your list, contact your favorite bulk candy supplier and let them awe you with a solution list that is equally impressive. How you stage your candy buffet is your choice. It is wise to use a two-color scheme and a theme of the table. It is wise to set up one section of the table with food-allergy friendly foods. Labeling is essential, so the front of the table is a good choice. Unless you intend on making the entire table allergy-free.


Provide a few anti-allergy goodie bags for children to take home (Consider labeling the back of the bag, “candy made without tree-nut products, artificial sweeteners, and milk products”)


Here are a few suggestions to get you started:


Tree-nut / Peanut-free candy

Natural gummy candies and jelly beans



Wonka’s Nerds and Nerd Ropes

Dum Dum Lollipops

Tootsie Rolls (or any product made by Tootsie)

Now and Laters

Pop Rocks





Gluten & Casein Free Candy


Cotton candy

Double-Bubble Gum



Haribo – Gold bear minis


Pixie Stix

Conversation hearts

Jelly beans

Variety of flavors of pops and suckers

Candy buttons

Candy Necklaces

Ring pops

Hard candy such as life savers

Jolly Ranchers

Orange and Cream Chews

Super sour straws


Use clear jars to display candy. Cover boxes with fabric or foil and use the boxes to raise or lower the jars. Read the labels and keep them in a spiral notebook for anyone else to read. Use scoops in the jars for easier retrieval. Consider keeping some dried fruit on the table for an all natural treat. Gluten free cereals make a pretty display and many parents consider this a staple item. This gives younger children a few options too.


With a little planning and the right supplier, your candy buffet will make any party beautiful and exciting. Use colorful balloons or ribbons or color hung behind the table for a beautiful backdrop. Use designer candy on display for your centerpiece or any bright theme item.

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Mental Health & Wellness Link Up: September


Mental (2)


I can’t believe it is September already. Where has this year gone??? I’m excited for all the fall beauty, the colors, the warm cuddly clothes, this truly is my favorite time of year.

Before we get to all the fun fall stuff, this week is a very important week. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week which includes World Suicide Prevention Day. Starting today and going through Sunday I will touch on some crazy facts, myths, and talk about how you can help yourself or a loved one if they are ever plagued by suicidal thoughts.

So, Let’s start this week off with our Monthly Mental Health and Wellness Link-Up

Looking forward to reading the posts this month. Let’s help spread awareness and Stop the Stigma of Mental Illness, and support good mental health this month

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Great STEM Activities for Your Children

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links***

It’s STEM week! I am a HUGE supporter of STEM. My kids are still super young, so we look for different sensory play activities and creative activities that we can start to introduce STEM through. I feel like laying the ground work for this while they are young will help them enjoy other STEM activities as they get older. The STEM fields are amazing fields to work in. I can only hope they may enjoy the field so much they may make this a career path.

Weather you prefer STEM, or STEAM (tossing in some Arts!), Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are all crucial to learning about and participating in the modern era. And there is so much FUN to be had while diving into these subjects.

I’ve rounded up a great resource for each discipline – whether or not these are perfect for your little ones, there are wonderful resources out there to inspire young girls and boys.

Tip: Educents’ Labor Day Sale code is LASTCHANCE and gets 10% Off and Free Shipping to boot!

S is for Science: The Magic School Bus Science Kit


This is one of the most sought-after subscriptions – and gifts that keep on giving. 12 complete kits for science experiments arrive at your door for one full year. Best of all, it’s 50% off right now and comes to $10/month. It’s an investment that pays dividends in fun and learning.

Buy Now

T is for Technology: Learn to Mod – Minecraft


If you haven’t heard of Minecraft yet, come out from under the rock! The Minecraft world gets kids excited to build their own creations. I like this one because it’s a relatively affordable ($30, versus up to $300!) program that teaches children computer programming skills via Minecraft. If this one’s not right for your family, I highly recommend other Learn to Mod programs – or just google “Minecraft Coding” and dive in!

Buy Now

E is for Engineering: Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst Kit


This beautiful set gets kids using their hands, creating a bevy of tinker toys from different challenge cards. The sky’s the limit with this set that encourages design thinking that’s so important in the work force. But the best part is this is just fun.

Buy Now

M is for Math: Life of Fred Math Books

Life of Fred Elementary Math Series

I can’t speak highly enough of this series of narrative-based math books. Kids learning addition to young adults in college benefit from one character’s journey through life encountering contextual math problems that make math make sense! Plus, cute. Check out the whole brand – there are even reading lessons with the same characters.

Buy Now
I’m So excited for you to check these out. Let me know what some of your favorite STEM resources are as well in the comments below.

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Teaching Tuesdays: Introducing: Happy Homeschool Hangout

Happy Homeschool Hangout

Hi all!!! I’m super excited to bring you this special announcement. I finally have a cell phone that has the latest Facebook App. That means I can go LIVE now 🙂  This is super exciting and comes just in time for Our first week of Happy Homeschool Hangout.

What is Happy Homeschool Hangout, you ask??? Happy Homeschool Hangout is a LIVE broadcast on the Facebook page. It will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11:00 AM EST. Each week, on Tuesday we will be explaining our live demo or activity for Thursday. We have 5 categories: Craft, Game, Recipe, Experiment, and Sensory Fun. On Tuesdays “Teaching Tuesdays” I will include the list of supplies you will need for Thursdays activity. It will be fun, and we can all do it together, or you can watch the girls and I doing it Thursday and incorporate it another day/time.

I’m Super excited for this. September is when we start thinking about fall, and apples. So September’s theme will be “A is for Apple”. The activities will be easy enough for a preschooler, but on Tuesday we will open the discussion up to how you can make them more complex so older kids can enjoy as well.

Today I will be live at 11:00 EST (which is 8:00 AM PST). We will be talking about our Apple Craft which will be a diagram of an apple.

Supplies you will need include:

  • Red Construction Paper
  • Green Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • White typing paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

Gather those items together, and we’ll make our own Apple Diagrams on Thursday on The Happy Homeschool Hangout.

Super excited hope to see you both Today and on Thursday!!!

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What’s New??? A Life Update on The “But” Family

What's Up---


Wow, I can’t believe it is almost September. Where did this year go??? I feel like life has been a crazy ride this year. I also feel like I have been somewhat distant from my readers. I apologize for that. I don’t like to write about things until I know they are certain. Therefore, I have been doing a lot of general talk. This fall, as things get a bit more certain, be on the look out for lots more “Behind the Scenes” stuff.

So where have we been and what are we up to??? The short answer, therapies and appointments. Both “But Dad” and I have been doing physical therapy 2 and 3 days a week. The oldest has been in behavior therapy and feeding therapy. Last, but not least, the youngest was in speech therapy. Add in Dr appointments and there was our summer.

There was a month when we had Physical Therapy 5 days a week for someone. I was going 3 days a week (Mon. Wed. Fri.) and “But Dad” twice a week on (Tues & Thurs). It was craziness. Add in 3 therapy appointments for my oldest and 1 for the youngest, and our parent helping meetings once a month for each child, we were BUSY.

I pleased to say, I will be graduating from PT on Thursday September 1st. “But Dad” will be done on the 7th of September, and we will only have 2 days a week with appointments. We pulled the oldest out of feeding therapy since she is doing much better. The youngest graduated from speech therapy. It has been an eventful summer.

So, what now??? Well, our days will become easier, but still busy. We are homeschooling preschool as many of you have read 4 days a week. We have Wednesday play dates and play dates every other Saturday. There are a few things in the works, but basically, this is our life now.

So, what about “But Mom”??? I will be working the blog, another side business and working on getting my weight under control. I have been on Plexus for about 6 weeks now, and love the changes it has made in my energy and overall health. I am also going to be working with Justin from Kettlebell Burn on exercise and diet. I have a tentative goal of losing 20 lbs by the end of the year, so we shall see.

So that is what is going on our way 🙂

Tell me about your summer in the comments. Anything interesting going on???

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Goals CAN Become a Reality: GREATER The Movie


Negativity is everywhere. We look through social media, or the news, or pretty much anywhere and see the negativity in the world today. I myself often find moments where I feel as though I have lost all faith in humanity. It is a hard cruel world and if we seek out the negative, we will find it.  This is why we need more stories of courage, faith, and generosity in our world. Look no further.


GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. Brandon wanted to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks more than anything. He was written off by coaches and players because of his lack of skills. This did not stop him, though. He got up early, and worked hard on and off the field.

I’ve watched the trailer… it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

GREATER releases in theaters Today!!!

Stories like this, remind us that if we believe, with the right people in our lives, we can meet any goal we set.

I have known this to be true. You see, as a mom of a child with developmental delays, I have seen vast improvements in short amounts of time. When the right people are involved, the success is amazing.

We have seen our oldest go from barely talking, to never getting a moments peace. 😉  She has went from bouncing all over the place. All. Day. Long. To being able to realize some of the time that she needs certain stimulation to calm down, and can do this on her own.

Recently, we went through 10 weeks of feeding therapy which has my little girl eating whole apples and trying eggs and even veggies from time to time. This was a major goal for us. I am proud to say this area is much better, because the right people were there to help.

Greater, is an AMAZING movie and it comes out today in theaters everywhere. I am looking forward to watching it, and looking forward to hearing what others think about it.

Isn’t it time we see more inspirational stories in the media???

This was a sponsored post by Grace Hill Media. I received compensation for my post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was given a gift card to give away to someone who has inspired our family. Stay Tuned on Social Media to find out who gets this gift card and why 🙂



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