Goals CAN Become a Reality: GREATER The Movie


Negativity is everywhere. We look through social media, or the news, or pretty much anywhere and see the negativity in the world today. I myself often find moments where I feel as though I have lost all faith in humanity. It is a hard cruel world and if we seek out the negative, we will find it.  This is why we need more stories of courage, faith, and generosity in our world. Look no further.


GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. Brandon wanted to play for the Arkansas Razorbacks more than anything. He was written off by coaches and players because of his lack of skills. This did not stop him, though. He got up early, and worked hard on and off the field.

I’ve watched the trailer… it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

GREATER releases in theaters Today!!!

Stories like this, remind us that if we believe, with the right people in our lives, we can meet any goal we set.

I have known this to be true. You see, as a mom of a child with developmental delays, I have seen vast improvements in short amounts of time. When the right people are involved, the success is amazing.

We have seen our oldest go from barely talking, to never getting a moments peace. 😉  She has went from bouncing all over the place. All. Day. Long. To being able to realize some of the time that she needs certain stimulation to calm down, and can do this on her own.

Recently, we went through 10 weeks of feeding therapy which has my little girl eating whole apples and trying eggs and even veggies from time to time. This was a major goal for us. I am proud to say this area is much better, because the right people were there to help.

Greater, is an AMAZING movie and it comes out today in theaters everywhere. I am looking forward to watching it, and looking forward to hearing what others think about it.

Isn’t it time we see more inspirational stories in the media???

This was a sponsored post by Grace Hill Media. I received compensation for my post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I was given a gift card to give away to someone who has inspired our family. Stay Tuned on Social Media to find out who gets this gift card and why 🙂



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Keep The Fun Going!!! Savings on Batteries With Groupon!!!

Keep the FUN Going!!!

***Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. As always, all thoughts are my own.

So, some of you have read my post about Groupon Coupon, a while back. I am learning to really love Groupon. You see, they are an amazing site for helping you save on all sorts of items. Who doesn’t love a bargain???  Here is another reason why I love them. Groupon Goods. This link will take you to amazing savings on something that keeps the fun going… batteries.

If you are a mom or dad, or a grandma or grandpa, or aunt or uncle or babysitter… well, pretty much anyone around kids, you know batteries are a MUST have. How in the world can we have fun without them??? Well, we can, but that is another post for another day.

In our house though, there are so many toys that need batteries, and the girls go through batteries so fast. Now, it’s nice to have a heads up on a place to get them cheaply. With deals like a 60 ct pack of AA or AAA batteries for 13.99, how can you go wrong??? There are some great deals on batteries and a whole lot more.

For more information on Groupon deals check out their Facebook and Twitter pages.

What do YOU like to save money on???

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Mental Health Mondays: Letting Go of Social Norms


Mental Health

What does it truly mean to “let go”??? So much of what we do in our world is because of an expectation. Getting up in the morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast, and going to work or school. These are all examples of activities we do everyday, often of autopilot. If I asked you why you wake up in the morning, what would your response be??? Would you answer, “because that’s what we are supposed to do”, or “I’ve always done this this way”??? What if you slept in until 1:00 pm??? Would you be happy and say “I got the sleep I needed, I feel good, now let’s start the day”??? Or would you feel embarrassed, or maybe ashamed and say you shouldn’t have overslept???

This is just one very normal activity. So much of what we do everyday in our lives has been programmed into us from children on up.  We live our lives by rules and social norms. We often decide what we should and should not do based on wether or not it is socially acceptable. Let’s look at another example.

What about people who work 2nd or 3rd shift. In either case, we see these people having to work hard to make their schedules work. They get fewer hours of sleep in order to make a Dr appointment, or go to the bank. What about all the people in society who claim they are NOT morning people. What if you  got the right amount of sleep because there were more options for people who don’t do the “9-5” lifestyle. If more people would be honest about who they are, imagine what could happen. We could  help the people who already work shift work, and create jobs for those not “morning people” as well.

Now, some of you may feel like I’m way off in left field here, and maybe I am. However, I feel like the stress of preforming for someone else, based on the “norm” can be too much. This is not good for these people’s mental health. We all are forced into boxes and to do activities we don’t want to do just because they are the socially acceptable norm. And while I get laws and social norms like not killing people, and following the rules of the road, I question what harm it would be to extend banking hours, Drs. offices, and other “9-5” businesses and accept that not everyone can do the “9-5” thing.

Again, this is just one example of how becoming more open minded and letting go of social norms that don’t make that big a difference in life can reduce the stress and help mental health. It will probably be a long time, if ever that our society sees the benefit of happier workers and greater mental health by doing something this “drastic”, however, in our own selves, we can make this a reality. It may take some doing, some logistic work and whatnot, but if we can open our minds to what truly makes us happy, fulfilled, and less stressed, we can work toward achieving this. If we can get over the fear of going against the grain and become who we truly are, the boost in mental health would be crazy, and it would be so worth it in the end.

Do you ease stress by letting go of social norms???

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Mental Health Mondays: When I Knew I’d Found My Village

Mental Health

For some, having a “tribe” or “village” comes easy. Some have been friends since they were in elementary school. Other’s slide right into a group and easily connect with them. I’m not one of those people. Feeling alone can be quite hard on your Mental Health. I know, I’ve been there.

Prior to having kids, I always said I didn’t need a big group of friends, and as long as I had a couple good friends, I was good. Then, when I had the oldest, things changed. I needed to be a part of a mom group, to go to play dates, and drink coffee while our kids played nearby.

I tried to befriend a few, each time I felt I was either chasing them away, or being judged by members within. It was a sad time. I was in the midst of Postpartum Depression, and pretending to be “okay” for those around me when inside I was dying.

There have been a couple of moms within a particular group who didn’t boot me off their Facebook pages right away, and occasionally I’d chat with them, or comment on something, but I was scared.

I remember exactly how it started this last time. Over a post I shared on Facebook that became quite the battle on my profile. It was through that post I reconnected with one of them.  We set up a play date for our kids. Then we began getting together more and more with them. Add in a few other moms on down the road, and there you have it, my “village”

Within the last 10 months or so, these ladies and another couple who hang out occasionally with us have become my “village”. I have watched them look out for my kids. We have had conversations about all sorts of topics. We have laughed and had a great time & also panicked together when searching for a missing kid.

Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a birthday party for a couple of the kids, and that is when it hit me. Being in a place by myself with 2 very different children is hard. I can’t always keep my eye on both. Watching these other moms and dads, I began to truly feel at ease as they kept an eye on and even HELPED my children.

I didn’t feel judged as though I was a bad mom. I wasn’t stressed as if I had to keep my eye on them both every single second. They managed to have an amazing time, and I did as well.

That night as I replayed the events of the day in my head, it really sunk in… I FOUND my village. I found the people who care about my family. The ones who don’t judge and instead hold their hand out to help. It felt surreal and at the same time it felt very real, and I’m very thankful I didn’t continue in hiding and give up on ever finding them.

So, here it is, don’t give up and just keep trying, just keep going. There is a “tribe” or “village” for everyone, you just have to find it 🙂

Do you have a “village”???

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Thankful Thursdays: Home School & Down Time.

The previous week in review and what we're thankful for

Welcome to yet another edition of Thankful Thursdays. I missed last week, and I am sort of glad that I did since now I can write the post on the weekend with the rest of them for the previous week, instead of considering the week all weird from Thursday-Wednesday. So, this will be for the week of August 1st-August 6th. My Sundays (unless there is a major event planned) are spent doing blog work, house work, and preparing for the week between my 2 other businesses and home school. So, Sundays really aren’t much “fun”, However I am extremely grateful to have the time to be able to get so much caught up.

So, moving right along, first thing I am thankful for is starting Home School this week. We have been working toward finding the right groove for our day, and I think I have finally found it. I was planning on using a curriculum for The oldest, and then having the youngest just kinda follow along where she could and learn some stuff from that, however, that isn’t going to work. So we are back to the drawing board, however I think I have figured out a way to get through everything in a way we would like to. You’ll have to stay tuned to Teaching Tuesdays to find out what we are doing.

Next thing I am thankful for, is The Youngest graduating from speech therapy. I am very thankful for all the people we have had come in and out of our lives. We truly are blessed to have had lots of amazing Early Intervention therapists work with our kids and help them develop and grow. If there is one thing I can say, Early Intervention is amazing, it is there, seek it out in your area and use it if you need it, these people truly work miracles 🙂  It was bitter-sweet to say goodbye to a great therapist who has been with us for the last year, however, this frees up and hour and a day at times if we need to do other things. Having less “stuff” going on is becoming a life saver of my sanity, and I am thankful of this as well.

Speaking of more down time, my physical therapy has been cut down to 2 times a week. This is being done because all I have left to do is work on strengthening, and since insurance won’t pay for a personal trainer, they are going to be letting me go by September 🙂  Again I am truly excited for less things going on. This means more days to and times to relax and get work done, and a less stressed “But Mom” I’ll take it.

So this was our week, and a few things I am thankful for. What are YOU Thankful for this week???

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Teaching Tuesday: Our First Day of Home school

Teaching (2)

It has been a long road. A road filled with a few twists and turns, but ultimately a fun road that leads us here. Today is the first day of Home school Preschool for my little loves. They are extremely excited , and I can’t say as I blame them. They are such curious little ones and they idea that mom is going to spend time teaching them, is more exciting than words can say.

In just a minute you will get to see what our first day looked like. But first, here is our morning routine which the girls are just starting to learn.

  • Wake-up
  • Potty
  • Brush Teeth
  • Get Dressed
  • Breakfast
  • Chores
  • Start School Day

It is definitely worth mentioning here, before you get to see our day, that I am changing it up, even before the first day of school I decided to change things around, and because of this we are still in transition. I’ve decided that I am asking my girls a little too much to “sit and learn” so we are in the process of developing some new ideas to learn while playing and moving and creating.

Our first day started with pictures.


I was planning on having them in dresses and hair up and all that fancy stuff, but that didn’t happen.

Next we work on our calendar/days of the week/weather and such. There is a song and we point out the day and date of the week, followed by 2 worksheets that I help them with.


After days of the week, we work on letters. We sing our ABC’s and then I let them play and create with letter blocks. The oldest is asked to identify the letters she is building with periodically, while the youngest is shown letters and told what they are.

Next we do colors. For right now we work on a combination of identifying the colors (The oldest already knows these well) and sorting colored objects.


Then we do a fun activity. Today they are playing with play doh.


This day was short and sweet clocking in at right around 80 minutes, but I know they are enjoying themselves and they are learning in the process, isn’t that what school should be about???

Next week we will talk about the “new” way I am designing their preschool time.

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