Fun Finds Friday: Picky Eating and the Dinner Winner Plate

***This is a Post Sponsored by Lifetime Brands & Fred. I was given product to review and giveaway, but as always, the opinions are 100% my own***

Welcome to Fun Finds Friday. I’ll be reviewing some awesome products I am sure will help you in your everyday life. Today we tackle Picky Eating with the Dinner Winner Plate.

Kids are picky. It is just how things are. One day they love a food, the next they “hate” it. The oldest is beyond a “Picky” eater and more of a “problem” eater. However, through feeding therapy we are overcoming that. If your child either eats very little all together, or eats very little of certain food groups, keep reading, this post is for you.

Dinner Winner plates were designed to make meal time more fun, while helping kids to eat more. Some of you probably have at least one child you wish would “Just eat more”. The oldest, would not touch fruit or veggies unless they were completely liquid form (still working on this).


Dinner Winner Plates For The Win!!!


Having The Oldest in Feeding Therapy, and since The Youngest is a great eater, we decided, with the help of our Occupational Therapist, to use these just as something fun to do once in a while. Working pretty intensely in feeding therapy I don’t want to stop the progress, however, for those who aren’t in feeding therapy you WILL want to read on.

I told the kiddos we were going to do something fun for breakfast, and I pulled out these pretty little plates and washed them up right in front of the kids. They were really excited and when they realized there was going to be a prize at the end, and then candy for the prize at that, they were all for these plates.

I filled the plates with yumminess. The Youngest usually loves everything I was putting on these, and I filled the sections with half easy foods for The Oldest and half with some more challenging foods for her.


To my surprise, The Oldest LOVED this idea.  She got a bit shy when it came to her challenging foods, she ate every section and made it through to the end. The Youngest, I found out doesn’t like soggy waffles. She at least ate part of her waffle, but ate everything else as I knew she would.

The Oldest ready to try the Dinner Winner Plate

I would say these are a success for sure. We used a piece of chocolate as the prize, but the ideas are endless. Some people have used: Fruit, yogurt, raisins, or stickers. For my girls, I made them turn in the “You Won” piece for their prize and that worked a lot better than trying to keep them from peeking to see what was under the lid there.

The amazing people over at Fred sent me over 4 of these plates. Since we only need 2, I am hosting a Giveaway!!! Check out how you can enter to win one of these awesome plates below:


 Giveaway is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada who are 18 or older.
Good Luck Everyone. What is your child’s least favorite food???
Dinner Winner Plates: Helping picky eaters enjoy mealtime

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Mental Health & Wellness Link Up #3

Mental (1)


Welcome to month 3 of The Mental Health & Wellness Link Up. After a couple month hiatus due to craziness happening at casa de “But Mom”, Jules from One Ruud Mom and I are ready to get the party started.



 Loading InLinkz ...


Thanks to everyone who participates, check back regularly to read more great posts.

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Parenting is a Roller Coaster & Happy Birthday to The Oldest

The emotional rollercoaster of parenting.


I’ve heard it’s said that with kids the days go by slowly, but the years go quickly. I’ve never heard a truer statement. Today, The Oldest, turns 4. I can hardly believe it. I’m still trying to figure it all out. How did this happen so fast??? Where did the time go???  Parenting is an emotional roller coaster, and I’m certainly feeling it today.

I look back at the years and it just doesn’t seem possible. Yet in the middle of those hardest toddler years I felt like I was going to pull my hair out. Proud of how far we have come, I’m happy to bring you my top 3 tips for keeping your sanity during the emotional roller coaster of parenting.

Take Time For Yourself.

This is Super important. It could be just taking a bubble bath a couple times a week, or making time for a favorite hobby, or even just watching a favorite TV show (binge-watching is better). Taking time for yourself to recharge is the first step to keeping your sanity during the emotional roller coaster of parenting.

Make Memories.

Some days I am sad when I look back and think about all the trials and problems we have had with our oldest. Then, I click through my “On This Day” app on Facebook, and I see the funny and silly and adorable and awesome stuff I remembered to take a minute to type in. By going back and visiting those memories, I’m reminding myself that we really have had some good times. Recording memories can be as easy as using Facebook, emailing yourself a little note about what happened, or as complex as a scrapbook. Just make sure you take time to record some good stuff each week. If you have to, make it a point on Saturday night or Sunday morning to try to recall the good stuff and jot it down.

Give Yourself Permission (and a Time) To FEEL these Emotions.

Let me say this, I am going to cry today, I know I will. Figuring out a good time, and then working through sadness, or frustration, fear, and anger helps us stay on top of our game. Try making time twice a week to sit quietly and think about the ups and downs of the week. Work through emotions, allowing yourself to fully deal with them before you move on. This way you are not bottling them up and making it harder to control emotions later.


Today will be bitter-sweet, as we check off yet another year. We will ride the high’s of partying & mourn the passing of another year to hold on to her. Parenting is a roller coaster, and it’s my favorite thrill ride ever.

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Organization: The FUN and Easy Way!!!

***This post contains a link to my personal Clever Container website. I will receive a commission off any products bought through this link***


“Honey, do you know where my ___ is” I hear this at least 5 times a day. Sometimes it happens without a word being said, as “But Dad” is furiously rifling through his crazy end table area, I stand up, head over to the area, and either find it, or he finds it as soon as I make it over to him.  This happened ALL. THE. TIME.  Thinking how crazy it is to be the “only one” who can find ANYTHING in this house, I decided we needed more organization, and we need it FAST!!!

I have been eyeballing products from a company called Clever Container for a while now. They are a lesser known Direct Sales company (I love supporting small business owners) that has amazing organizational tools and products. One day, I saw a post in my Facebook news feed for them again, and I got all excited, maybe THIS is the answer. I got in touch with the lady who posted, and after about 2 weeks of careful thought and decision making, I decided to join the company, get a bunch of products to use right off the bat, and then have a few parties a month in order to support my new organizing goals.

Once I got my starter kit, I almost immediately had a place for everything in the kit. I’m IN LOVE with this stuff, and I am so happy I get to share these amazing products with my family, friends, and readers (whom I also consider friends).

Today I am going to share the Before & After of “But Dad’s” end table. Now, before you go all crazy on him, this has taken MONTHS to get THIS bad, however when you don’t have the right organizational tools, it’s hard to keep up on stuff.


After I threw out garbage, and rehoused items that didn’t belong there, I used a clear plastic bin to organize all the meds he takes daily, and added one of the stackable shelves to give him more space. Adding another container (temporarily a food storage container, but will be replaced with a smaller bin) to house miscellaneous stuff, I had finished the job. We are on Day 3 of this organization, and “But Dad” seems to enjoy being able to find things, and also is able to easily keep up the organization.

There you have it!!! A great organized area where he can find and get to anything he needs easily. Happy Father’s Day indeed!!!


Do you have an area you just can’t get organized??? Maybe a room??? Maybe you are like me and it’s the whole house???

Stay Tuned: I will be starting Monthly Challenge Groups where we will tackle 1 room at a time each month and get the Clutter and Chaos under Control.



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Teaching Responsibility: “No” Means “No”

When "No" means "No"


I read the story. It made me mad, but, it was still not personal, this was someone else’s life, not my own. Then I read the statement, HER statement. HER side of the story. It took me over an hour to read, as I kept having to stop, I couldn’t go on, but like a train wreck, I couldn’t walk away either. Every word of that statement hangs heavy on my heart almost 48 hours later. I can’t even begin to express how emotional I was, how much I wished I could take the pain away from a perfect stranger. I am scared for my little girls, and now I’m on a mission. My mission is teaching responsibility to children EVERYWHERE.

As I was reading the lines of text, I would flip between how awful it must have been to be told because you don’t remember, there is no way to tell that you didn’t like it. UGH, seriously??? I sat there with tears in my eyes as I thought about my 2 little girls. If this is “justice” what does the future look like for my kids. What should I be teaching them??? They *should* know that their body is theirs and that they have ultimate say, they shouldn’t have to expressly say “no” but rather expressly say “yes”. I cringe at the idea that I may have to teach my kids that they do not have the right to have drinks with their friends unless they are aware of what could happen, what could be considered their fault. I know they are young, but time goes so fast and peer pressure to drink comes at earlier ages. I wish I could put them in a bubble and keep them safe forever… however, I can’t, nor is it fair to them if I try.

We need to start a conversation about what responsibilities each party has. We need to teach this to our children and quit relying on a broken justice system to provide justice.

You may think, “isn’t this ‘Her’ crusade to lead”??? No doubt, I am sure she will form an incredible foundation of some type to help teach young people about the responsibilities that come with getting older, drinking, and sex. My cry is… even if she does, we need more. We need Everyone on board. We need to start a movement that begins at a super young age, where we instill in our children the true meaning of the word “consent” and that “No” means “No”. We need to teach our children what the word respect really means.

So, in closing, I’d like to ask each of you to think about where the responsibilities lie. Sure, there are responsibilities on both sides, and I’m sure there are people who will disagree in all of this. I also believe, every parent that takes the time to think this topic through and above all else, teach respect for all human beings, will surely save some heartache down the line. As parents it’s our job to teach these ideas, let’s do it right!!!



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3 Easy Self Care Dates, and Tea!!!

3 Easy Self Care Dates


***Disclaimer: I received free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. ***


It’s 9:00 pm on a Friday evening. Your kids are either in bed or at the very least chillin’ at home in their room(s) by now. You flip open to one of the various social media sights and see 5 of your friends on either “Date Nights” or “Girls Nights” one is even just out by herself indulging in a glass of wine and some downtime before coming home to bed. “I wish I could do that too” you think.

Self care is more important than any of us want to admit. We go on and spend our days (and nights) taking care of everyone BUT ourselves. Maybe you vowed to take more time for yourself and practice some self care, but with end of the school year this and that, planning that perfect summer vacation (the one where you still won’t get a vacation… some of you know what I mean by that), getting the yard and house ready for the summer and BBQ’s and parties… it’s exhausting.  I remember when I used to enjoy summer, now, well I enjoy creating opportunities for others to enjoy the season.

That being said, it is time we put our foot down and say No More. We will carve out time for ourselves. Here are 3 cheap and easy Self Care Dates.

Bubbles, Books, Tea/Coffee/Wine. You may have seen pictures or scenes in a movie where a woman gets treated to a bubble bath in a tub big enough for 10 and has a beverage of choice along with her favorite new book she’s been trying to read. Ah, seeing that picture I feel peaceful– and immediately jealous. No, I don’t have a big tub, but I at least have one. One that only gets used for the kiddos, but that is about to change. Bubble baths with a book and a beverage sounds like a great way to relax, unwind, and refresh yourself.

Craft Night. I know a lot of us enjoy making things, for others, to sell, for ourselves. Spending a couple hours with or without friends and a well stocked table full of crafting supplies, you can let your imagination take over and make some pretty amazing things. Having a great beverage (again, tea/coffee/wine) and some yummy snacks to fuel you, will help create an atmosphere where you can be creative and still feel relaxed and refreshed.

Movie Night. Somedays, especially when I am frustrated or upset, I just wanna sit down and NOT think about what is bothering me, the craziness going on, or what I have to do tomorrow. Movie Nights are awesome for relaxation and restoration. Choose your movie wisely. Make sure it’s one with a happy ending, one that doesn’t remind you of the 12 million things you have to do tomorrow. Get yourself some popcorn and a beverage of choice, sit down and lose yourself in the storyline.

If you are looking for a great new beverage to try while enjoying these Self Care Dates, why not give Rosali Tea a try. I was sent a sampler pack for free to review, and these are wonderful teas to help you relax, or even give you energy. They have a goal to help women make healthier choices, so by replacing one of your higher calorie beverages with a cup of tea, the benefits are great. They offer exceptional teas for sale, as well as a subscription service. Check them out today.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to do some crafting in the bubble bath while watching a movie… okay, maybe that’s too far, but I’m definitely looking forward to doing these this month!!!

Do you have any special things you do for Self Care???


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